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Can’t think of a title today

on March 20, 2011

Normally I despise Sunday’s because it means I have to go back work on Monday… but this time, I don’t! I had over 7 hours of comp time i had to use by the end of the month so I get tomorrow off woohoo!

I made my final cruise payment on Friday it’s all done now!! Just have to wait!! 50 some days left!!

I ordered a bathing suit from its zebra striped, tankini and bottoms for the price of one tankini elsewhere.. I sure hope it fits/looks decent.

Yesterday I attended a 2 HOUR ZUMBA PARTY. I managed to stay through the whole thing, there was a 10 minute break inbetween, and they had some fruit plates, veggie platters and cheese & crackers, and Corona and Wine LOL i had a couple grapes and carrots, but stayed away from everything else. I’m pretty sure I lost 2-3lbs just from that session. Lots of sweat! I was in the front row which was right under the lights, since Felix was up on the stage to teach. The lights made it sooooo much hotter. But it was fun and totally worth it and Ill definitely do it again! I’m at about -12lbs lost right now. I cant believe it!

Figured I’d be in a LOT of pain today but its actually not that bad surprisingly. I came home, showered and then laid on the couch and watched The Fighter for the 4th time LOL finally watched the extra’s on it too, who knew that the real O’Keefe played himself in the movie! Awesome!

Got my nails done yesterday and then had an appointment at Ulta for a facial. I WANTED their $20 – 20 min mini facial, however… 35 minutes into it i’m thinkin to myself, the girl didnt listen to what I said when I booked it and am now getting an hour long more expensive facial.Β  \= She did a really good job, but I wasnt expecting to pay $50 i’m thinking about email ULTA about it.. not complaining about the girl who gave me the facial, but about the one who booked it.

Stopped by home goods just to LOOK, but that never happens lol.. I bought a pack of mini cup cake liners, a water fountain for the cats, which I’m not sure theyve used yet, and it’s kinda loud, and a cute wall hangy thing.. here ill just show you.

I think I’ll hang the sign up above Ellie’s food bowls.

Friday I had my “sara’s a horrible employee meeting” again with my Manager, The Director, and an HR guy. Was just 15 minutes of me stating my side of it all. They again have 15 days to respond/give me a decision on my punishment.

However I do have an interview scheduled for Wednesday at the Airport. Well its off site but its I guess, Admin work for Airport Security. I dont know the exacts of it yet, but they sent me info about the gist of it. I didnt apply for it specifically I just put my info in a database for a pool of “admin jobs” and they called me so we’ll see what comes of that.

Since I was up late last night i went out and took some pics of the moon and damn my camera is good! The setting i was using made it very sensitive so keeping still was a problem for me LoL

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots of cleaning is on the agenda today since I have nothing else planned nor any money to do anything else LOL No reason I cant get shit done today I’m not sick anymore, so I just have to get off my ass and do it!

So i’m going to turn the ‘puter off, go charge the battery get something to drink and start my cleaning activities.


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