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on March 20, 2011

Had another $10 off coupon to use at Kohl’s that expired today, so after wandering around the store, I ended up in the Picture Frame section and found a sweet 5 picture collage frame on Clearance for $11.99

So I after taxes I paid $2.06 for this in perfect condition, no scratches, scrapes or dents in it. It was perfect for my Las Vegas photos.

Las Vegas Joey McIntyre Collage


So it’s up on the wall next to my Cruise Photos from last year.

NK Wall


3 responses to “Decorating

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Awesome! I β™₯ Kohl’s.
    It’s a good thing there isn’t one close by or I’d really really be broke, instead of almost broke. LOL!!

    • yeah its right down the street from me, adjacent to Target… so dangerous!

      • trishc1812 says:

        Heh. On the heels of ‘hey we can eat this week’ (the extended unemployment benefits) I got a 30% off stack the savings coupon. Kohl’s is an hour away in one direction and two hours the other direction. hhhmmmmmm…I have a zero balance on their credit card, too.

        No need to worry. As much as I would absolutely LOVE to go on a shopping spree….the responsible adult in me is coming out long enough to ‘pop me on the back of the head’ and say: “That is a really stupid idea.”

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