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interview today

on March 23, 2011

Had to curl my hair in the bathroom at lunch since my bed was soooo comfy this morning LOL….

2 hrs till I leave though..


5 responses to “interview today

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Ohh….very pretty!
    I hope the interview went well.

    • thanks! i feel like it went well! i didnt get the full job description until after they finished asking me all their questions, but it seems pretty cool.
      however theyre only hiring for 1 ONE opening and they still have more interviews to do.. so its gonna be tight.. wont know for a week or so still … *crossing fingers*

  2. Kzinti says:

    Wow! All that working out is working out. Just flash that beautiful smile, show them your resume and you’ll be in like Flint.

  3. leendadll says:

    looks GREAT!
    I could have a 1o hour break with 20 hours of work to follow and still wouldn’t be bothered with looking pretty at work. my coworkers are lucky i paint a face on (in the parking lot) before going inside! hell, they’re lucky I change out of my pjs!!

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