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Weird Dreams

on March 24, 2011

I had some funky dreams this morning im not sure of them as a whole, but I know LeendaDll made an appearance wearing some stripper shoes going to work for someone as an assistant, i told her those shoes would hurt for the work she was doing, but she ignored me, acted as though she didnt even know me.

I believe also that AmyH was there as a liaison btwn myself and Leenda

Then Maksim Chermaikofsky from dancing with the stars was there and we were all going to a dance/zumba class, and my hot zumba instructor was there too, I didnt know which guy i wanted learn more dance from, hard decisions!


2 responses to “Weird Dreams

  1. leendadll says:

    clearly, I was wearing the sex shoes to attract your hot Zumba instructor!

    love the dream. someone from our hood was in one of my dreams today too but I forgot it long before having a chance to blog.

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