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Shopping Day with the Girls

on March 27, 2011

Met up with my NKOTB girls today to do some shopping getting ready for the cruise.
We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, and then shopped our butts of throughout Colorado Mills

Seriously though, we were there for 6 hours! Who does that?! By the end we were all tired and sore LoL

Mainly we were all on the hunt for our 80’s outfits. And we all found them!

I was worried it would be really difficult to find stuff but apparently the 80’s are making a come back, multiple stores had what we needed!

Here’s what I scored:

Sunglasses, Earrings, Headband

Sparkly Shoes, Pink/Black Zebra leg warmers, Jelly bracelets!


The oversized Pink shirt and $1 multi colored belt!


Now I’m not sure I’m going to wear these exact shoes for 80’s night, i’m not sure how “80’s” they actually are but theyre damn cute thats for sure!

My friend Keri got the same Heart Sunglasses so we’ll look AWESOME!

I’ve still gotta pick up some black leggings, hopefully ones with the lace at the bottom LOL

The shirt I’ll probably wear off the shoulder on one side.

I’m stoked that I finally have everything ready for the cruise! All my outfits picked out for the special nights are good to go!


OoOOo Sparkly!


4 responses to “Shopping Day with the Girls

  1. crankypants says:

    Those shoes are really cute! The 80s was all about the hair…make sure you poof up your bangs and mousse up your hair! The legwarmers are great too! haha..if you can find some football-player size shoulderpads, that was very 80s. (an awful part of the 80s…)

  2. leendadll says:

    you’re right… the shoes aren’t totally 80s but who gives a f*ck? They’re HOT!! If my knees weren’t so screwed up, I’d ask where you got them.

    I mostly remember the 80s being day glo pink & blue, with pastel yellow…. a lot of “Fresh Prince of BelAir”. I wore a lot of white tank tops with dayglo fish designs. And workouts were dark capri pants with bright thongs OVER them.

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