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on March 28, 2011

I could tell there was some dryer fuzz in the door but I couldn’t easily reach it with anything..

So I just took the door off and dismantled it..

Wasn’t expecting THIS much. This can’t ALL be from me! Coulda made a sweater out of all this fuzz!!! It was thick!!

Hello fire hazard!!!

Sure am glad I know how to use a drill and take things apart!

Bet my laundry will dry a lot faster now!


2 responses to “Ewwwww

  1. trishc1812 says:

    My shower drain was draining slow so I used a handy dandy $2.00 plastic tool that we picked up at Lowes (or Home Depot) in the plumbing area, and stuck it down the drain to see what, if anything, I could move/dislodge with it. It came back up with the longest nastiest slimy-looking gross almost made me puke clog of hair. Yes, I took a picture, but I haven’t had the guts (ha ha) to share.

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