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Ok, The full story!

on March 28, 2011

Ok ok here we go, so his name is Aaron, i have no nick name for him yet, i dont think he really needs one though, he’s 32, works for a nearby cities Police Agency doing IT stuff.

To begin yesterday’s date, we started off at the Zoo around 10am. Of course one of my favorite places, and also free thanks to my membership! We were there for about 2 hours seeing all the animals, it wasn’t crowded at all, and the weather really cooperated.

We were both starving by the time we were done, so we headed over to Old Chicago around noon for lunch. Had some good food and good convo. Never really had any awkward silences or anything like that so that was nice.

Decided we wanted to continue hanging out, I remembered I had 2 Fandango movie tickets to use that I’d bought from Living Social, so we went down the street to the theaters, we had picked just the right time and Hall Pass was playing in 20 minutes. It was hilarious! We both enjoyed it.

We walked back out to the cars probably under the assumption the day was over.. but neither of us really wanted it to end.. luckily Dave and Busters is in the same parking lot as the movies.. so we went over there. Stopped and had a drink at the bar and chatted with the bartender.

Then we headed back to the game room and had a blast. Played some skeeball, horse racing, and all those fun games they have there. We got a buttload of tickets so we turned them in, I got a d & b coffee mug, and a box of nerds, lol, and he got a box of golf balls, and box of nerds…

Once we were done there, we stood in the parking lot hmming and hawwing about what to do next…it was only about 5:30 at that point… so he offered that we could watch movies at his house so I agreed, but mentioned I’d need to come home and walk Ellie before hand since i’d already been gone all day. So i did just that and got to his house around 7 ish..

We proceeded to watch 3 more movies, Hot Rod, with Andy Samberg, it was one of those stupid funny movies, Step Brothers, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall one of my all time faves. I met his black lab, Jack who’s a total sweetie and a spaz like Ellie, except he calms down eventually LOL he got up the couch and laid next to me, well basically pushing me more over towards Aaron forcing us to cuddle LOL. What a smart dog eh?

We had a lil bit of kissing and making out, but that’s as far as it went. Behaved myself. So proud LOL.

Around 11 I suggested that I leave so that he could go to bed since he had work, and I had Zumba in the AM, i did try to get up, but he held on longer and wanted to cuddle some more, so I obliged. (= When he started nodding off around 11:45 I decided it was finally time to head home.

So that was really like 5 dates in 1 day! We sure did a lot! But it was fun and we enjoyed each others company, we really clicked and hit it off. We have talked already this morning so we’re continuing with the progress.

Overall I’d say its probably the best date i’ve ever had let alone best FIRST date.


4 responses to “Ok, The full story!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    That is so cool. Five dates in one day. I hope you don’t suffer ‘date burn out’ by having so much fun so fast.

    He’s a dog lover, you are a dog lover. Both enjoy the zoo and hanging out.

    Yay, you!!!

  2. crankypants says:

    That’s so great! It’s definitely a good sign that things went so well on the first date, and you both wanted to hang out longer. So glad you had such a fabulous day/date! Woohoo!

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