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Lots of free time to do whatever

on April 2, 2011

Day 2 of unemployment. Not to bad akshually.
True, its Saturday but still LOL.

Last night I went over to Aarons for our 2nd date.. we went and had Chinese food for dinner yumm including crab cheese wontons, my fave. As we were sitting at the table I looked out the window and said OH! Ice Cream! in a joking manner… however he knows how much i love ice cream, so we went to Baskin Robbins afterwards (=
Apparently he knows the way to my heart.

We then went back to his house and watched The Fighter (swoon) he requested I bring it, and who am *I* to turn down a Wahlberg… we also watched Funny People with Adam Sandler it was good, but loooooooooong 2 hours 26 minutes long. We were both sooooo tired when it was over…Was expecting him to say it’s late (almost 2 am) you should just stay……. but that never happened. o_O

Damn him not being a manwhore LOL.
So it was another nice date for the books.

Today was such a nice day, 78 degrees in Denver. I slept in till 11, went to AJ’s bday party, then came home and lounged around. Even though I said id take a few days off, i sent off about 10 applications/resumes to things online.

Caught up on my DVR: Greys Anatomy musical, I liked it. BlueBloods awesome as always, and Heavy, always intense. Actually able to watch SNL in real time tonight since I’m not going to bingo.

The news  just said its supposed to be snowing  by noon tomorrow. WTF

I’ll need to go pick up a newspaper tomorrow and probably clean up the house. Get things in order since I’ll be here so much hahaha. Have to plan out some meals I still have a lot of stuff, ppl made fun of me for my food/product/whatever hoarding but it sure is coming in handy NOW!

I stocked up on dog and cat food yesterday with some great coupons for Target so they should be good for a few weeks at the least.

Hey! Tom Hanks on SNL! Nice Surprise!

I feel dehydrated, I’ve drank 2 bottles of gatorade and about 28 ounces of water this evening, but still….probably just from the heat. It still feels hella hot in the house.

Gotta print out the ppwk and see about applying for food stamps on Monday possibly, its all the way across town though ugh, what a pain. Also gotta do the stuff for unemployment and school. I applied for FAFSA the other night and filed my taxes online. Still have to do the state taxes though, maybe tomorrow when I can focus more.

Checked online, and in the state of CO your former employer has 24 (business) hours to provide your last paycheck. So Monday morning Ill have to call and say WTF is my money bitches.

Chantelle also mentioned that my insurance should still be in effect for 30 days, thankfully (hopefully) because I have an appointment on Wednesday to get my birth control removed/replaced. Hope its only a 30 or 50 dollar copay and not more. |=

My new phone, EVO Shift should be coming on Monday. Seems it went out on Friday however I do not have a tracking # yet \= I’ll have to remember to put a note on my door for UPS to leave it if possible if I’m not here, since I’ll have Zumba Monday morning. Need to look for a case for it on Ebay on the cheaps.

It seems the cats do not appreciate their water fountain I bought for them. Already threw out the box and receipt so no returns on that boo. I dunno WHY they dont like it? No one I know wants/needs it. Wish there was a way I could utilize it for the bunnies LOL

While brushing my teeth the other day I somehow stabbed my inner upper lip/gum line with my toothbrush and its hella sore still. Musta bruised it pretty bad, who does that?!

Chan just drunk dialed me saying she misses me and she wants to move home so bad. etc etc etc. Nice to have her back w/o all the drama.

Double surprise! Jake Gylenhaall just made a cameo on SNL too!

Ok thats enough randomness for tonight, ill wrap it up now!


2 responses to “Lots of free time to do whatever

  1. Sorry about the unemployment. I know it is scary and hard. But!!! There is a new guy and he is seemingly a good date so there is that and the great weather to look forward to.

  2. xmangerm says:

    The EVO Shift will satisfy your tech needs for quite some time into the future. You have made a wise choice in a Super Smartphone.

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