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And that’s that then..

on April 3, 2011

So this happened tonight:

Aaron: So, About us, I dont see this going beyond friends, do you?
Me: um ok wow, uh. well.
Aaron: I’m sorry, I dont feel what i need to. I would be wasting your time.
Me: Actually I have really enjoyed hanging out with you but for me is too early to make any decisions either way. But if thats how you feel, i understand.
Aaron: I am not sure I can get past the 3some thing and the drugs. I know those things are your past but its is hanging me up. I know the feeling when I really want to be with someone and I’m not getting that and before this goes any further i think it is right to stop it.
Me: If you cant get past it then you cant. That’s your stance and I can respect that. Honesty’s my policy, sometimes it’ll bite you in the ass. It’s all good.
Aaron: There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We just don’t match.
Me: Oh i’m not ashamed of anything, i did everything in my life by choice good and bad and learned along the way.
Aaron: I agree, I hope there aren’t any hard feelings, I’m being honest with myself so I can be honest with you.
Me: Of course not, no worries.

Sooooo on to the next one! LoL

Who gets stuck on someone’s past they’ve never even been a part of?
it is what it is, i’m not too worried about it.


7 responses to “And that’s that then..

  1. Kzinti says:

    Wow. Well, as much as that sucks, better to cast him off now rather than later when you’ve got a lot of time invested in things. Look at it as you’ve got so much to offer, he just couldn’t handle it all. LOL

  2. leendadll says:

    Guys do. Guys get hung up on people’s pasts, while expecting everyone to overlook everything they’ve ever done.
    Or so is my experience.
    And, it’s right to yell NEEEEXXXXTTT!!

    the right guy isn’t going to give a shit about stuff which doesn’t apply to the present.

  3. Redscylla says:

    What a dip. I briefly dated a guy who also got fixated on my past and kept telling me not to “feed bad” about all the things I did when I was young. WTF? So, just as well to get this one over with.

  4. crankypants says:

    Geeeez. like Leeenda said, there is often such a double standard (maybe not with this guy but with so many) about how men get hung up on women’s pasts but it’s no big deal for their own past or a buddy’s past. But, at least he was up front with you and didn’t waste anyone’s time. It’s still weird but yup, NEXT. sorry it didn’t work out, it sounded promising. pffffft.

    • gotta give him credit for manning up and not wasting time, but I dont think, personally, that 2 dates is enough time to make that kind of decision. Either you know DURING the first that it will be the last, or after a few weeks you know it aint workin out… oh wells!

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