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Sure am busy for being unemployed

on April 5, 2011

Easiest Monday i’ve had in a while..

Went to Zumba this morning, i need to eat a better breakfast than a Special K protein bar prior to class because it doesnt keep my energy level through the whole hour. Maybe cereal, or eggs or something else…

Showered at the gym and then headed over to the Human Services building to turn in my paperwork for food stamps… however there were about 80 numbers in front of me, and they called 1 # about every 15 minutes… so I was not going to waste my time there Plus there was about 98304982 screaming children there. It was WORSE than the DMV. So i left and decided I’d just mail in the paperwork instead…

Came home and submitted my info for Unemployment online it was a lot easier than I thought it’d be. Hopefully I get it I’m sure it’ll still be a few weeks till i hear anything at all. Contacted the payroll dept and they said I’ll receive my last check during the next cycle… apparently the City doesn’t have to abide by the STATE law of providing your paycheck w/i 24 hours. How that makes any sense, I have no idea. Then i’ll get my Vacation payout at the end of the month on that check. Which will all go towards Rent and Cruise/Hotel money.

Applied for about 5 jobs with Comcast, since I left there on decent terms, its a good option to go back to. So we’ll see if I hear anything soon from ANYWHERE.

Thinking about going to a turbo kick box class tomorrow morning, oh that reminds me I still have my groupon to use! i need to look into that asap.

Went to the grocery store spend my last 20 ish dollars… got 10lbs of potatoes, 2 lbs of strawberries, extra sharp cheddar, milk, saltines, artichokes and an onion, and some face wash… should last me till next week no problem. I have plenty of other food as well.

I should head to bed shouldnt be tired had a 2 hour nap this evening, but whatevs, I do what i want now! LOL


3 responses to “Sure am busy for being unemployed

  1. crankypants says:

    Have you ever tried Clif bars? They’re pretty good. Might work for you before class. Good luck on the job hunt!

  2. trishc1812 says:

    The key to eating before exercising is to make sure you get a good balance of carbs and protein. (I can’t give you an example because I’ve never really planned morning exercise and morning eating at the same time.)

    Unemployment has ups and downs. I’m glad you are enjoying yours for the time being.

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