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on April 8, 2011

So i leave for Zumba this evening,

Well wait.. i’d had the sliding door open all day so the cats and ellie could get some air on the porch…

So I leave.. and i hear Kisa crying, she usually sits on the balcony and meows at me when i leave.. but it sounded different this time, really loud, and close………..

She was on the DOWNSTAIRS neighbors porch!!! just chillin on the ledge meowin at me lookin all cute..

This means she jumped from the 2nd story balcony to the first. Dunno if she went into the bush or landed on her ledge or how long she was even down there!!! gah!!!!

Damn cat. shes so inquisitive and adventurous, it kills me! thats a tortie for ya though!

Shit just remembered i need to wash my Zumba clothes!


2 responses to “Escapeeeeee

  1. crankypants says:

    geez, I assume she’s okay! That’s funny though because yesterday afternoon I was in my house and twice I heard cat fight screechings in the back. All I could see was the neighbor’s cat Sunshine walking out from behind their garage. So I went out to investigate and in the bushes just over the fence was a little tortie hiding, hissing at elvis through the fence. Turns out it belongs at a house at the end of the block and hangs out in my yard and the neighbor’s yard all the time. I’d seen it up the street before but never knew whose it was. And I almost never see torties around here.

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