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Monday? Yeah, its Monday.

on April 11, 2011

I’m so lost on my days now.. i have to look at my phone/puter to figure out what day it is and what if anything i have to do!

Today was Zumba of course. Kicked my ass yet again. I’m still pretty sore from last nights work out I went to the gym and did 20 mins on treadmill 10 on bike, and then 30 min worth of weights, my arms/shoulders are hella sore.

There’s a 2 hour Zumba party this weekend, Saturday morning, for only $10. I think i may go. I get my 32 hour paycheck paid out this Thursday, will be nice to have a lil bit of money again.

I swear, I came this |  | close to grabbing my instructors ass this morning. I cannot get him out of my mind LOL When hes next to me, i try my hardest to smile/breathe/remember the steps all at the same time…At one point he lifted up his shirt to attach his microphone and i saw his stomach.. i think i had to wipe some drool away.. seriously. The things I would do to that man……………………………………

I got free dresses from Old Navy this weekend thanks to a consumer council board that i’m on, that’s pretty awesome. They all fit great and will be awesome for the cruise.

Took Ellie to a park across the complex and played ball with her for a lil while when I got back from Zumba, shes obv. tired now cuz shes sleeping somewhere not bothering me, which is nice.

Oh! I got a call for a temp job May 2nd-8th, taking inbound calls/orders for Edible  Arrangements for mothers day. Two days of training and the rest will be working various hours from 8am -10pm I believe she said. It’s only $10 an hour, but hey its better than nothing and its right before my cruise, so I don’t know when/how Ill get paid, I assume i’ll have money from them when I call back. Plus its not horribly far away either so that’s good. If i do good I assume they’ll call me for other temp jobs. Anything thats under 32 hours a week wouldn’t affect my unemployment *if* i get it, still waiting on that.

Tomorrow I *finally* get my birth control Implanon replaced. So excited for that. Esp. since effin shark week just showed up. Used to go 3-4 months inbtwn each time.. now its every month. Cant wait to go back to every few months!

So there’s 29 days till I leave for Miami, and 31 days until the Cruise!! SOOO Excited!! I’ve got just about everything I need. Finally picked up some leggings for $9.99 at Lane Bryant this weekend, theyre even a lil roomy.. i probably wont need to shop there much longer lol.. but if i’d gotten them anywhere else they woulda been too tight and uncomfortable. I’m at that “in between sizes” stage for everything.

I’ve got a pile of laundry on my bed that needs to be put away it just keeps piling up for some reason LoL.

Well I better get dressed and head to the grocery store for a few things…


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