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Walls are Rattling

on April 17, 2011

Woke up this morning to the walls pounding and my delicate glassware clinking in the kitchen… no not an earthquake, but the neighbors remodeling their kitchen.

The renters moved out a month or two ago so now the owners of that unit are remodeling it, when I came back from Starbucks this morning i asked if they minded that I looked around their unit. It’s soooo much nicer than mine! Has 2 bedrooms, bigger walk in closets, 2 full bathrooms, and hardwood floors. I’m jealous!!

Next time I see them I’m going to ask if they plan on renting it out again or selling it, cuz really it’d be perfect for Chantelle if she moved back soon.

All the noise really freaked out Ellie and the cats since they cant see where its coming from, just hear it through the walls.

Yesterday I did my 2 hour Zumba party it was fun, seemed a lil easier than the first time I did a 2 hour class. However the room was carpeted, which made dancing kinda hard… cant really do spins and certain moves on carpet. It was extremeeeeeely hot as well, they finally brought in a 2nd fan which helped a little bit.

During the 2nd half of the party my shoe felt weird… and the damn thing, well part of the sole came off! I think i can re-glue it or may just have to cut it off… it was pretty annoying trying to dance with it while it tried to trip me up and kill me!

I’ve done 5 hours of Zumba this week, and I plan to do another 5 next week. I’ve hit this damn plateau and I’m not losing any more lb’s. I can physically SEE a difference on my body, my curves are curvier my “bra fat” back is smaller and my arms look a lil smaller as well. Need to try and get in a weights session this week when Im not doing Zumba now that my arm is healed from the bc.

There’s still a mountain of laundry on my bed, should really throw it back in the dryer, and then wash the rest of my laundry.

Also need to go clean out my car its atrocious, should do it now before the wind kicks up again…argh and the bunnies need to be cleaned out..

So much to do, so little motivation hahahaah..

Ok ill put stuff in dryer, clean out car, then make lunch, sounds like a good plan to me!

How did i forget this, Thursday night at Zumba I was standing next to “Maddy” whom I always assumed was Felix’s teaching assistant……… apparently I was wrong, cuz I saw them kiss right in front of me! What!!!!!! Heartbroken!!! I’ve NEVER seen them show any kind of PDA ever, but she even grabbed his hand for a few seconds. I tried to push it out of my mind as much as possible, but it didnt help that we ended up standing next to each other during that class and Saturdays… whateVers… i still adore him LOL and in my mind he’d still hook up with me if given the chance (=  hahaha!


2 responses to “Walls are Rattling

  1. Cloudy J says:

    It woke you up? Ugh. I’d be so pissed if I was woken up to that. I say that construction of any kind should not exist before noon on weekdays!

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