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My Days are Occupied

on April 19, 2011

Today feels like multiple days all ran together…I’m so much busier now that I have more time to do stuff that’s not work lol

I almost over slept for Zumba this morning, the bed was comfy, I was tired, but eventually I got up and went… i even pondered for a minute or two about NOT going. *gasp*
However during class he announced that Saturdays 2 hour party is already sold out! UGH i was totally looking forward to going to it \= So now i’ll have to do extra work outs myself at the gym this week.

I’m really unhappy that my ass looks flat…like… it goes back…flatness….then butt…hard to describe, maybe ill try to take a picture to describe it this tells me i need to lose some more around the midsection including the back side..

Oh I finally called about my kick boxing Groupon and I’m going Wednesday night to my first class, so excited! Yay!! I’ve got 4 classes, and a 40 min personal sessions to use.

Today I went to Buffalo Wild Wings down the street, they’re building a new restaurant and just started hiring this week.. I believe they plan to open by the end of the month. I’m going back on… weds? thurs? err.. one of those for a 2nd interview with the manager in charger of Servers since thats what I signed up for.. so that’d be sweet if I got that. They’d be flexible w/schedules if I go back to school and what not. Hopefully if they hire me they’d be ok with my cruise next month! They also said they’re a smoke free ( no problem there ) and a CELL PHONE FREE environment. WTF?! I’ve never heard that before.. aside from the DMV being told I couldn’t use my phone but everyone else could…

Watch this, From The Soup: Funniest shit around 1:45

I’ve been drinking so much water lately it’s insane… but I think i’ve just about kicked my soda habit! I had ONE coke at brunch w/ Ron the other day and it lasted the whole meal, and I even declined when the server offered to put more in a to-go cup for me. GO ME!

It’s raining like crazy outside right now, I love it! Long as it doesnt snow we’re all good!

Ellie’s going to doggy day care tomorrow for her trial day I sooooOooo hope she behaves herself for reals. She can some times get snippy. I hope to get a lot done while shes gone, clean the bunnies, the house, the laundry, maybe go to the gym. Or maybe ill sleep all day long.. ahhaha.

Finally submitted my state taxes online today, considering it was the last day lOL.. i owe $400 something.. blah. Whatevs LOL

I waxed my lip the other day and now I have like 5 zits… i effing hate that.. next time i wont use the oil that comes with it, but I dunno if thats what causes it or not.. cuz it happens every time, SO ANNOYING.

*yaaaaaaaaaaawn* I better head to bed so I can get up to drop the Dog off early tomorrow.

OH YEAH! If you get a chance, watch Will Ferrell: You’re welcome America. It’s his broadway show about George W. Bush it was awesome.


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