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Work It!

on April 21, 2011

I REALLY enjoyed Zumba tonight.

I’m sure I worked off at least 1 (of the 2) bags of pretzel m&m’s that I ate. And i dont mean the single serving size either… the ones that are like, 7 servings.. yeah, ate’em both.
*hangs head in shame*

His gf was not at class tonight. That made it nice. LoL.. plus I also got some nice attention from him. Yummy.

Was talkin to some of the other ‘regulars’  and they’re attending the 2 hour party on Saturday as well, I was telling them how I went to Kick boxing last night, and working my ass off.

I really need to find some work out pants with a belt, or drawstrings or bungee cords, something. Because I have to continually pull my pants up all the time, its quite annoying! The zumba pants I want are like 50 bucks thats just not an option right now!

After tomorrow mornings class I’m going to Cindy’s to see if she can try and put my hair flairs in, hopefully we can figure it out and it’ll look awesomesauce™


6 responses to “Work It!

  1. Cloudy J says:

    Hair flairs? What are those?

  2. Yummy men and Zumba?! What a great combination!

  3. leendadll says:

    Unrelated: I saw a blurb on TMZ about NKOTB helping someone get a kidney

    • Yes ma’am. Donnie re-tweeted a link about a girl who needed a kidney transplant. Hundreds of ppl got checked for compatibility, and about 6 different fans came up a positive match!

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