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You’re lookin at…

on April 21, 2011

A new server for Buffalo Wild Wings. I went down Monday and filled out an app and talked to one guy for a few minutes, they asked me to come back today and talk to the Manager in charge of servers which i did. She was pretty cool!

It’s not often that you have a story concerning customers and Colostomy bags in common with someone else. I said well at least you’ll remember me today!! She’s all, if you can continue to make me laugh you’ll be hired!

So i got a call about this afternoon and she offered me the job, however I did not mention time off I need for the cruise, I figure I can bring that up next week. Hopefully they’ll be okay with it.. I mean new places always OVER hire at the beginning i’m sure there will be enough people to cover.

This unfortunately means I wont be able to do the Temp Job the first week of May, but I’m sure I can make more $ in tips than i would with the $10 an hour I would have gotten there. We’ll see how it all goes down.

I got Tyler to fill out my recommendation for Vet Tech School last night and I need to pick up the one that Ron filled out for me. I need to schedule some times to go do 8 hours of job shadowing with some vet techs. I wanna get this stuff turned in ASAP even though it’s not due till June I dont wanna slack off on it.

Kisa has been driving me crazy crying at the patio door since her escape 2 weeks ago. So i took her outside on her harness/leash with the dog in tow as well, all she really did was eat grass and walk around a lil bit. Then when we got back inside after about 5 minutes, she started in on it again. So i threw a flip flop at her. She’s momentarily shut up …

Oh so yesterday I went to Human Services for a meeting, and got approved for Food Stamps woohoo got my card that day and everything. They gave me $153 for this month, then i’ll get another $200 next month. Thats just right for me! Especially with my coupon usage i’ll really get a lot out of it. I went today and used it, spent about $60. Got some meat and other staples I needed, juice and what not, some yogurt and cottage cheese that was on clearance, i knew there was a meat clearance section but not one for refrigerated goods! Score!

Went to Kick Boxing last night, it was different, but fun! I met a nice girl named Liz that looked like a combo of my bff Jenny and my bh friend Keri. So we were partners throughout the class, she’d been before so she knew what was going on. I could really feel the work out in my legs when I left the class. The teacher even high fived me and said I did a good job! I was like thanks! It was my first time! I signed up for next weds evening but then realized I have a dentist appt that night so I need to call back tomorrow and reschedule. I figured I’d be more sore today but i’m really not. My chest was kinda tight this morning when i woke up but other than that I’m fine. I’ve got Zumba tonight, tomorrow morning, and then I did manage to buy a ticket for this Saturday’s 2 hour class so that’s awesome. I was bummed when i thought I wasnt gonna be able to make it. After this weekend I should be beat for sure!

The local Comedy place called me today to offer me some free tix for next Tuesday the guy asked why I hadnt been down lately and I said cuz i’d lost my job and didnt have any money, so he said he’d throw in some free drink tix for “my birthday” if i was able to make it so I obliged! Tanya, Jess and Lisa all said they’d go with me so that should be fun! Got a few other maybe’s as well.

Tomorrow night Tanya and I are going down town to a bar to use a groupon that she purchased so another night of free for me! This whole unemployed thing really isnt that bad. I have lots of free time to do lots of fun things! I dunno why everyone bitches about it. Plus I’ve found 2 jobs in the 3 weeks today, that I’ve been w/o work. *shrugs*

My mom’s a lil bit relieved that I found work, shes mainly worried about insurance. I’m sure they offer something. We’ll have to see. Ah they do, found this on their website:

Total Reward:
The benefits of working at Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Competitive Salary
  • Bonus Plan
  • A 401(k) plan with Company Match
  • Medical, Prescription Drug, and Dental Insurance
  • Voluntary Vision Discount Program
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability Protection
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Promotion from Within
  • Management Referral Program

Spoke with city benefits ppl yesterday about wtf im gonna do with my retirement money, i have about $3600 in it, they said i could withdraw it in a lump sum and be penalized 20% which is about $700, no thanks.. or roll it over to an IRA or 401k. I have both those options with ING and I spoke to my bff Jenny who’s in that industry and she told me to call her when i get all the paperwork, which has NOT been sent to me yet from the city, and she’ll go over it with me and recommend where to put the money.

Sorry to bore you with such a long post, to show my appreciation, here’s Jordan Knights new video “Lets Go Higher”.


6 responses to “You’re lookin at…

  1. congrats! that’s awesome!

  2. Kzinti says:

    Yes, definitely best to wait a bit on the retirement options and think those through. All the kids ever did was cash out, which was silly. Glad to hear that the jobs are flowing your way, I guess it was something in the air as even the oldest kid will be starting a new job come morning. His first in a long time. Hope he can stick it out.

    • I finally got “the form” today from the retirement group, and it says, that as of June 30th, I’ll earn 3% interest, and that i can transfer my money out at any time.. so i might as well just leave it there for 2 more months then deal with it. Nothing like earning free money!

  3. leendadll says:

    congrats on all the good stuff

    i tend to leave my money in accounts till the jobs FORCE me to move it. i just recently rec’d an address confirmation letter from a company i haven’t worked for in… 6?… years.

  4. xmangerm says:

    Nice writeup. Hopefully, your new employment suits you better than the ones in the recent past. Nevertheless, one must stay disciplined and put up with drama every now and then.

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