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Plans.. wait.. no, no plans

on April 26, 2011

Have I ever mentioned how fucking annoying it is when people are flaky? Like seriously? You’re a grown fucking adult, get your shit together, and when you say you’ll be somewhere, well fucking be there!

I had plans tonight to go to the local Comedy Club, FOR FREE, all ppl had to pay for was 2 drinks or food. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Meet at my house, we’ll carpool even. No worries. We’ll all be together, wont lose anyone and it’ll be all good.

1. Lisa – Her husband had to work unexpectedly. She told me yesterday, she gets a slide on that one.

2. Cindy & Ang – Forgot one of the kids had a sports game they had to attend.

3. Tanya – Her car suddenly stopped working… suspect.

4. Marsha – Had to work late, ok fine.

5. Jess – Took too long driving in rush hour traffic.

6. Josh & Tasha – busy shopping.

So I said FUCK IT, FUCK ALL OF YOU, I’m staying home and watching tv.

I also came THIS CLOSE to ordering a pizza as well. But then I looked at the nutritional info on the website, and decided against it. Made Tacos instead with whole wheat tortillas, yummy… and a fudgesicle. No emotional eating here tonight! btw, i lost 1 lb this week. lol.

Dancing with the Stars is on tonight and NKOTBSB  performed, they were AH-MAH-ZING. I absolutely HAVE to see them on tour this summer. My eyes are on the Kansas City show if I somehow get money to go.

There’s also a new Deadliest Catch on, The Voice, as well as Body of Proof. Lots of good things to watch.

I go to my orientation tomorrow for Buffalo Wild Wings at 8am. Dang thats early! LoL. At least I wont have to shower since I already got all done up tonight to not go out. Ptth.

Received my final paycheck today. I assumed it would come by direct deposit on Thursday but this was a nice surprise! It was around $1400 . . . . I was hoping for about 16 or 18, so adjustments are being made.

I Shortened my Miami trip by 2 days. I’ll be returning on the 18th instead of the 20th. It saved me about $200 on the hotel by doing that. Only cost $23 to change the flight, and that was just because of a fare difference. I did originally buy the tix in December! I love you Southwest! It will also save some $$ on boarding Ellie, about $60.

This is the 3rd night in a row that its raining again, I love it though. Long as it’s not snow it’s all good. I enjoy hearing the rain on my skylight and my porch its just relaxing and calming.

Welp I’m gonna go finish watching my shows, The Voice is on now, and these people are amazing!


7 responses to “Plans.. wait.. no, no plans

  1. I am always amazed at how people say they will attend something and then when the time comes the whimp out, and often don’t tell you that they are going to. Much more honest to say “not my thing” and not get people to invest time, money and expectations.

  2. crankypants says:

    Wow, all those people and not one made it? That sucks. I have a bad time with flaky friends. and I hardly have any friends to it’s pretty bad, which is why I go alone to so many things….
    I have been watching DWTS and I thought of you when they said New Kids on the Back Street Boys were gonna perform (I don’t watch the results show though), I figured you’d know and I wouldn’t have to tell you.

    • yeah i thought about going alone, but then weight cost of gas, parking, drinks.. was cheaper to stay home.
      had everyone gone, would have carpooled, and split the cost of parking.

  3. Cloudy J says:

    I hate it when there’s plans and then everyone bails. But then again, I always agree to go do stuff with people and then later when the time comes I think “but I really just want to stay home and play video games/watch tv and be alone!” Most times I will make myself go and then end up having fun.

  4. leendadll says:

    I would have just gone without them and never EVER invite any of them to anything ever again (which is why I now go to everything solo).

    Glad you enjoyed your night anyway!

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