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Catching Up

on May 4, 2011

Gosh it feels like I havent updated in a while, so much has gone on.. kinda LOL.

Well I had to turn down the BWW job because their mandatory training period is smack dab in the middle of my trip next week, I offered to train at a different restaurant but they said it wouldn’t be possible, but to try back a month or so after they opened if I wanted to.

My initial request for unemployment came up denied, ugh. So now I have to appeal it and cross my fingers. I need to do it like ASAP all it involves is filling out a form and sending it back in. I have to do it within 20 days. So doing it this week would be beneficial.

For some reason, my food stamps have not reloaded to my account like they were supposed to on the 3rd. So now I need to call THEM and figure out whats going on. Im stocked up on food pretty much but still I need that cushion of comfort!

After hours of staring at the screen flipping through websites, I decided to change my pre-cruise hotel in miami, it saved me $10 per night (2 nights). I did this because taking a shared shuttle to the original hotel would have been $51 one way! Now, it will be $24 to the new hotel. Its actually right down the street from where I stayed last year, by the airport, and has a free shuttle to the port so it all worked out pretty well. I also booked a shuttle from the post-cruise hotel back to the airport for another $24. Really good deals considering a taxi is at least $45 one way, if not more. They’re already paid for so I wont have to worry about it next week.  I’m debating on whether or not to pick up a water proof camera… i’m thinking not, and save the $12 or whatever it is. I’m also thinking about NOT doing the horseback ride on the beach like I wanted to. It’s like $85 for 40 minutes.. which is not a lot..I might as well save it. Spend some more time on the beach with my friends.

Yesterday I attended the training for this temp job for Edible Arrangements and today was my first day doing it. It’s really such a cake job. The most pain in the ass thing is the “phone” system, cuz its not a phone, more of a internet connection with a headset lol.. and their system sucked and kept dropping/disconnecting my calls.. so i lost a few sales.. not like we’re on commission or anything.. but still… I sold about $1113 in Edible Arrangements, go me!

This girl however scheduled me for the next 3 days from 7  A FREAKIN M to 3 pm.  7 am?! are you kidding me?! I havent worked in a month and now i have to be there at 7 am?! i dont even get up that early for Zumba! speaking of i’ll have to miss Friday’s class because of “work”. That really bum’s me out cuz I only have 2 other classes in which i CAN attend before the cruise. Kick boxing will have to wait till i have more gas money since its pretty far away.

Macy’s contacted me about setting up an interview for the Makeup Counter which im sure is probably all commission ugh, its on Saturday at 3.. i’m going to see if they’ll let me get out of work at 2 saturday, and stay later another day so i can go to it. People were already saying today “oh i have a dr’s appt i dont know how long i’ll be if i can come to work that day” jesus christ its a temp job! its 5 days! you couldnt schedule some OTHER time you KNEW well ahead when this was… *shakes head*

Yesterday I got my hair trimmed it was getting a little out of control and unmanageable… today i got my nails done so I’m all perty for Donnie Wahlberg next week (= haha.

Had to stop and get some cat food so they’ll be okay while i’m gone.. had to switch them back to cheapy Purina Cat Chow… it was just a better bigger value for the money i had.. they’ll be okay though.. For some reason they’ve barfed up on my comforter three times in the last week, I dunno WHY Of all places thats where they choose.. but it sucks trying to shove a down comforter in a small stackable washer/dryer. Which reminds me I have stuff i need to put in the dryer asap!

I should get some more packing done tonight, i’m sooooo tired though and its only 7:30. Maybe i’ll go make an ice cream cone and see how i feel after that..


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