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on May 9, 2011

I went to my last Zumba class before I leave for my trip tomorrow and I got there around 9 and there was only 1 or 2 other people there and Felix of course and we were talking and he asked why I didnt come to the 2 hour super party Saturda, and I said because I was working a stupid temp job!! I was so sad I couldnt make it. Then he asked if I didnt mind telling him how much weight I’d lost (15 lbs) because I was looking really good, and fit and doing such a good job

WOW, just wow!! It’s awesome to hear that from him!! Im sure I had the hugest smile on the whole time after that.

Right before the last song, he always talks to the class about upcoming things and what not, and he called out this lady named Diane, who’s lost 165 lbs and then he said “And my friend Sara here, has lost 15 lbs since December, and she’s headed to Miami tomorrow on vacation!” and people clapped and cheered for us! It was awe-some-sauce.

After class I purchased a CD from him that has all the songs on it because he says hes going to be changing up some of the routines. So happy I have it cuz i absolutely love these songs, but since theyre all in spanish i dunno who they’re by!

We continued talking about the instructor training and what not and he’s really insisting that I get certified to teach classes and that I can even teach some at his studio down town! And he plans on opening up a 2nd studio in the Denver area. He says I dance really great and pick up the moves so easily. Another WOW!!

I said I HAVE been thinking about getting certified, I just dont have the money right now since I’m not working… he said.. oh we can work something out with that dont worry. I’m going to try and find somewhere to do Zumba while I’m in Miami probably after the cruise, we’ll see. If not ill just go to a 24 hour fitness they should have a class available.

How fucking incredible is it to hear stuff like that at all, let alone on a Monday morning!

I did find out that apparently he has a daughter cuz he picked her up from the day care in the gym, and she’s totally adorable. So he gave me a hug and said have fun in Miami! I said thanks I will! And thanks for all your help!

I’ve gotta go finish up my packing, printing out documents and pictures, and general house cleaning because its Vacation-Eve!!!


5 responses to “Best.Monday.Ever.

  1. crankypants says:

    Cool! that would be great if you could get certified in Zumba, doing something you already do, and like, and get paid for it, tide you over a bit if you’re still u/e, even once you find a full time job, (I have no idea what Zumba instructors get paid) it’s extra cash! I gotta get my butt in gear and pick my exercise pace, I’m done with spin on Weds, after that it will be yoga and kickboxing (if I don’t die or hurt myself)

    Have a great trip, I know you will.

    • totally! im excited to do it if i can!
      he says he has ppl do it full time, part time, whenever fits in their schedule.

      Kickboxing is hella fun you’ll like it!

      • crankypants says:

        Yeah, I did kickboxing like…10, 11 years ago, I loved it but I’m not 30 anymore, so I hope I don’t pull something first time out! But, I’ve been doing yoga and spin so if I don’t put it off I should still be okay as far as somewhat-fit-enough-to-not-injure-myself goes!

  2. aw! this whole blog is awe-some-sauce. haha. love that! 😛

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