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Back in Miami

on May 20, 2011

While waiting for my hotel shuttle to pick me up, i was one of the last people there, I was talkin to some of the other shuttle coordinators and one was hittin on me. Asked if I liked Cuban Men, um yes, duh. LOL Said I could be his gf from colorado hahaha he was a sweetie though.

My hotel was freaking adorable! It’s from the 1940’s. It was cozy and comfy and had just what i needed, a bed, bathroom, ac and tv lol.

My last night in Miami i met up with my Canadian friend Brenda (previous post, in the purple dress, in a pic with me) and my bff Anabelle. I went down to South Beach again and we went to this restaurant called Big Pink. Anabelle said it was THE place to go. The food was pretty awesome and I had a Root Beer Float with Stoli vodka MmMMMm!

Anabelle dropped us off on Ocean Dr so we could go out to the ocean at night and walk on the beach. We went out to the water and took some pics, Brenda picked up some sea shells and i found a gold dollar coin woohoo!

We parted ways back at her hotel, saying “SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!” I think we’ll be roommates next time, we get along so well!

On my bus ride home i was waiting at a stop, for a bus that didnt come, until the one AFTER it came, but i was talking to a nice young latin man, probably 19 or 20. He’d just gotten off of work from a high rise across the street where rich and famous people live. We had probably an hour long talk, about miami and colorado and life in general. He was a sweetheart. When he got off at his stop he said Nice talkin to you! Have a safe trip home!

My overall miami experience was positive. There were a few wtf moments but nothing to bring me down!

When my shuttle driver came to pick me up he said “You cant go home! you’re still white! you need to go back to the beach!!!” hahaahah. I just stay white, unless i get burned! I was lucky and smart this year, the only place i got burned was on my scalp the first day in South Beach, and on my lower back, yeah a tramp stamp sunburn, under my tramp stamp from the day on the beach, my bathing suit moved through out the day and i didnt realize it. It’s all good though!

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So now i’m back in denver, its been rainy and gloomy since i got here yesterday. It was 85 and sunny when I left Miami. This was the first time i’ve ever NOT been ready/excited to come home. I missed my pets, but that was about it. I wanna go back to miami! I think I could see myself living there…. IF i learned some spanish because that’s like, the main language there LoL.. there’s so much going on, so many cultures, just a lot of new to me stuff that I wanna do more of!

Back to the trying to find a job grind, doing laundry and cleaning up the house. sigh.


2 responses to “Back in Miami

  1. leendadll says:

    Wanted to acknowledge that I read all of these last night. I had comments but I wasn’t log in so I couldn’t post them and now I’ve forgotten so I’ll just say, “looks like it was fun!”

    Someone ought to tell straight guys about that cruise – from the looks of the female to male ratio (12,000 to 1??) I’d guess that they’d get more action than they could handle!

    • lol thanks! there were a lot of posts!
      yeah i’ve tried to tell my guy friends about it but they dont listen. all they hear is “boy band” that’d make me gay.
      theres quite a bit of husbands and boyfriends that come, i think this year there was more than last…
      there’s 3 guys that come as a group, they call themselves “the block bros” and we all know who they are, they’re pretty fuckin awesome.
      yah its a boat of about 2600 women..

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