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Day at Sea, Red Carpet Night

on May 20, 2011

Our 4th day was a hectic one. My group had photos at 10:30 am. So after getting only 3-4 hours of sleep we had to get up and get pretty and wait in line, for a whole 2 minutes worth of Hi’s Hug’s and Photo taking it. We were lucky to be the 16th group so not a long long time of waiting. The photo group we had fell apart but luckily the group in front of us needed a Jordan girl *my roommate* and the one behind us needed 3 people, and I decided to be with Jon this year, so it all worked out! I also managed to get in a Jordan hug after the photo, just cuz I’ve never had one!

Later on in the day I went and watched Donnie’s back rub show, which started 2 hours late, making me miss NKOTBINGO with Jon, i was so fucking sad about it. Esp. since it was such a clusterfuck trying to get into the back rub, i dont even want to talk about the details cuz it’ll piss me off. Someone won $1900 in bingo! gah that could have been me!!!!

After that we watched Acoustic (Danny) Wood, and The Broadway Joe Show. Then it was time to get ready for the Red Carpet Night. While we were on Lido waiting for the festivities it started sprinkling.. no biggie.. until 30 seconds later when a torrential rain storm hit us!! We all ran for cover and they had to take all the dj/music equipment inside! It lasted for at least 10 minutes! Some people even stayed out in it because they refused to leave their coveted spots *rolls eyes*.

Joe got real serious during one portion of the night he brought up that he and his wife are waiting for their 3rd child to be born this month which we all knew, but the awesome part was that he announced they were finally having a girl!! Sweetest thing ever!! He said “and If she grows up to be anything like you girls, i’ll be the happiest guy ever!” So awesome of him to share that with us and to say such nice things!

Oh yeah and Danny Wood and his 2 daughters, Chance and Vega came by and signed our door decorations! So sweet!!

At the end of the night, they announced that everyone on the boat was getting 2 FREE TICKETS To their Opening Show next week, the 25th, in Chicago. The boat roared with screams!!! Such an awesome thing to do!! A lot of people are going, but there’s just no way I can. Plane tix are only $200 but i dont have that, and there’s just no way for me to get that. We CAN transfer them to someone else, but I dont know anyone. i’m sure i can easily find someone on twitter to give them to.. but *shrugs*.

How many bands would do that though? Really, 2600 FREE tickets. thats pretty fucking cool of them.

I have to say, we all looked pretty fucking awesome on red carpet night! We stayed up until 5:30 am partying. The ONLY reason we had to stop, was because the crew of the ship had to go to sleep… they were even starting to put out the breakfast buffet when we stopped partying! Donnie Wahlberg does not stop!! He’s an energizer bunny I swear!

I went to bed at 6, got up at 9 to start getting ready to get off the boat, to say the least I was a bit cranky at that point LOL…

I took a picture of my shoes, because on this trip, they were more like torture devices. Just about everyone I know, including me, had swollen feet, ankles, cankles going on by the last day. OMG. I’ve never had that happen to me in my entire life. But 4 days of constant standing, walking, dancing, waiting in line, apparently will do that to ya! Even the toe to heel nylons i had to wear with heels, left indents in my feet!! wtf!! Everyone complained about their feet hurting, it was miserable!

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