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Nassau, Pool Slide, Pink Party

on May 20, 2011

Our 3rd day we stopped in Nassau, first time I’d ever been there. I didnt go out to far to the island though. Went on the first few main streets, and stopped by this kind of flea market place they had with pushy pushy sales people and a booth every 5 feet, with about 15 aisles. All with knock off purses and hand made bags and other trinkets… i did end up buying a “Prada” bag, its very cute! I hadnt seen it at any other booth, and the lady was very nice, not pushy and gave me a  great deal on it.

My roommate wanted to go to the beach at Nassau, a cab was only $4. We went back to the boat to drop our purchases off and have lunch..and ended up staying on the boat lol.

During lunch, Donnie was stopping by all the tables and taking pictures! So I got my Donnie pic again!! Then afterwards Danny was outside taking pics as well! So I got one with him too!

We met some cool girls at lunch and decided to go on the water slides and hang out on the deck for a bit. I felt sorry for my roommate that she didnt get to go to the beach, but i was just so tired!

The pink party was to support Danny, was his birthday and hes a support of the Komen foundation, not one of my favorites but whatevs. Joey really showed his support with his pink tights and nike’s LOL. I think I stayed up till about 4 am this night (=

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