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Story Time!

on May 23, 2011

I don’t think i mentioned this in previous posts.

On the flight home from Miami, I was towards the front of the plane, cuz when I come home I want to get the eff off the plane asap. Anyways, I was in a middle seat on the left side of the aisle. Across from me was a dad, mom and little boy.

About an hour and a half or 2 hours into the flight, id been dozing in and out of sleep but i was finally totally awoken by the child being very loud and obnoxious… i turned the volume up in my headphones to try and drown him out but it didnt work. The parents werent really doing much, he was flipping through the Spirit magazine.. even though he was obviously not old enough to read…

45 minutes into this i mentioned to the lady sitting to my left “i dont know HOW you can read your book with this child screaming and acting up” and we had a good long convo about shitty parents and how her kids never acted like that, and how my family just sedated me on long trips…

I really couldnt take it any longer and the following ensued:

Me: Excuse me, you guys DO REALIZE you’re not the only ones on this plane right?
Bitchy Blonde Mom: I’m doing EVERYTHING i can, what do you expect he’s 3 years old?
Me: I expect you to keep your child quiet and occupied. There’s plenty of other kids on this flight, however yours is the ONLY one making a disturbance.
BBM: No one else is disturbed by him, JUST YOU.
Me: Oh I GUARANTEE you others are quite annoyed by him, but i’m the only one speaking up about it. You’re not doing ANYTHING about it, i’ve been watching you for an hour. We’re now 3 hours into this flight, I’ve had about enough.
BBM: You OBVIOUSLY don’t have kids.
Me: NO, I don’t. I have a DOG. And she’s at home with a BabySitter.
BBM: Well I dont know what to tell you, i’ve done everything i can.
Me: Well I would think after 3 years you would know how to be a parent to your child and know what needs to be done to keep him under control and quiet in a public setting.

At this point, my neighbor smiled at me, i put my headphones back in and smiled to myself…2 minutes later the parents broke out a DVD player, some snacks, even got the little boy to lay down in her lap………. he was quiet the remainder of the flight, even fell asleep. amazing huh? be a fucking parent to your kid, instead of trying to sleep on the plane and all is quiet..

Once we finally arrived and were trying to get off the plane, the dad stepped back trying to get their carry-on’s from up above, and the mom went out into the aisle and called the little boy. He had just woken up and looked pretty confused… so she walked OFF.THE.PLANE. and left him there bewildered staring at his dad… who finally had to give him a lil push with the bags to get him to walk off. How difficult would it have been for her to pick him up, or hold his hand and walk him off the plane???

Just another reason for me to never have children.


3 responses to “Story Time!

  1. crankypants says:

    Holy crap! what the hell! good for you for saying something, and WOW isn’t it a COINCIDENCE that once they gave him stuff to do and paid some attention to him he calmed down. I swear, some people with kids think that just having a kid excuses them from everything. That people should have to tolerate their misbehaving child because kids are kids and therefore they are excused from behaving. He’s 3, there’s nothing I can do. If a kid is sick or throwing a tantrum, well, yeah, there isn’t much you can do about that, but when parents are making little or no effort to control or calm down their child,yep, that is rude, not to mention bad parenting. I’m so sick of the “I don’t give a shit about anyone else” attitude this world has.
    I’m surprised you didn’t get a standing ovation from the rest of the people around you.

    • lol i was surprised too.. but the lady next to me giving me a smile was enough.. cuz i knew others felt the same. esp the people sitting directly in front of them.
      My mom was like “you’re not supposed to make a scene on the plane” i said i wasnt threatening anyone or employees i was tellin the bitch to control her kid! LoL

  2. xmangerm says:

    “Just another reason for me to never have children” very powerful words. Nevertheless, time will tell……

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