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Quack Quack

on May 27, 2011

Finally getting all my ducks in a row.
After 15+ phone calls to veterinary clinics i FINALLY got 1 to call me back. I just need 4 more hours of job shadowing to do. I found the first one easy, no problem, got in that same week.. I dunno why people are so shady on calling me back. So I’m going in Tuesday morning from 8-12. They said they have a dental cleaning scheduled so that’ll be fun to watch, havent seen one in a while. As soon as I leave there I’m going to have to go directly to the post office and mail my application. It has to be postmarked by June 1st. Eeep! Cutting it very close! Sure I should have done this all a month or so ago, but that would defeat my purpose of being a slacker.

Last night at Zumba there was a sub instructor. *gasp* some people turned around and walked right out. I however stayed through 3 songs, but she was really boring, she just wasnt Felix. So I left. *shrugs* I did a half mile on the treadmill after that, then came home and took Ellie to the park to play ball for a few, she enjoyed that.

I assumed since he wasnt there last night, he wouldnt be there this morning either, so I opted for sleeping in. Not that I dont do it every other day already. I may go do some kick boxing tonight, or go to the gym and use my free Personal Training coupon I have..

The last week i’ve been pigging out on every.single.salty.thing. in my house: chips, crackers, pretzels, a whole can of beans, ham etc etc. I dunno WHY?! Normally i get those kinda cravings around shark week but I should not be having shark week for another month or 2. Who knows.

Sent out a bunch of emails/resumes/applications this week, quickly heard back about 2 from one of the hospitals, just general work, but i was declined. i’d rather know right away than dragging it out. I need to call back the temp agency too…

There’s a mountain of laundry in my closet that needs to be tackled as well as a mountain of dishes in my sink. boooooooooo!  I better get on it… after I make some lunch, i’m starving.. hopefully nothing salty.


7 responses to “Quack Quack

  1. leendadll says:

    does this mean you’re applying to be a vet tech?

    i’m getting really addicted to the assisted pull up machine. if the local Jewish Community Center has one in their gym, I might join (no, I’m not jewish – they have a nice facility at a convenient location).

    fyi: the rule with temp agencies is that they put out the people they know well. so if you’re new, you need to call a LOT, so you’re fresh on their mind. even if it means giving you a job just so you’ll stop calling. seriously – I know this from 20 years of temp work, including temping in a temp office.

    • leendadll says:

      I usually call new agencies twice every day. Once in the morning, for last minute jobs that day. And again in early afternoon looking for jobs starting the next day.

    • *yeah i like the assisted pull up machine as well its the only way i can do a pull up LOL

      *i initially moved to Denver to go to vet tech school, however after 2 years i lost my focus/concentration/motivation and wasnt doing well….i was very close to being done,

      so now im reapplying to a different school, hoping they accept me and also accept some credit transfers..

      • leendadll says:

        My entire education is a series of “nearly done”, then drop out events. At one time, I had enough credits for a BA (or maybe even an MA) but they were spread all over the place. I only got an AA because, as I was about to change paths again, someone noticed that I was 1 credit from the degree. So I signed up for some bullshit class and got it. I’d love to get a CompSci degree but I can’t get myself to commit to the workload. I’m now looking in to Court Reporter classes… just as a fall back career.

      • leendadll says:

        and, duh… it’s not all about me: Good luck! I hope the school accepts you!

  2. good luck girl! always love reading your blog!

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