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Brownies and Bikes!

on May 31, 2011

Finally it’s soooo nice in Denver today! It’s supposed to be up in the 90’s later this week, i’m sure ill be bitching then, not about the heat, but about having to use my AC which kicks my power bill up by like 800% because its just the kind in the wall that plugs into an outlet. I still have my swamp cooler on wheels which helps but really only in smaller rooms like the bedroom.

Got a hold of my leasing company today because I’ve been seeing some bugs in my kitchen and then one last night in my bathroom and I freaked out. I wasnt able to kill it cuz it was too fast. But it came from behind the sink cabinet and went back in through a crevice. Makes me think its coming from within the building through the walls/pipes? There was also one INSIDE my dishwasher.. really? WTF. Truthfully I think the people across from me that moved out left these buggers behind, and now that its being remodeled the bugs are moving out as well. Anyways, my leasing company said they’d contact me to send a bug guy out. So I gotta clean up the house a bit and i’ll have to lock the pets in my closet/bedroom depending on how much he’ll need to spray.

Did my final 4 hours of job shadowing this morning, it was a TINY clinic. 1 doctor, 1 exam room, 1 surgical room, 4 techs. Not a lot of space!! But i  saw a ton of cute dogs and puppies and even a ferret! I had forgotten how cute ferrets were, my old roommate had one when I first moved to Denver.

So I came home to get all my paperwork together only to notice a contradiction on some forms… one said all transcripts have to come sealed from that institution TO this college. The other form said the transcripts have to be sealed, enclosed with my paperwork. Arrrgh! So I called the admissions dept and he said it should be okay the way it is… I tried calling the Vet Tech dept lady but she’s “in and out of the office until august” wtf really??? So I just sent the paperwork in and am crossing my fingers its correct. Even took it directly to the post office to make sure it was dated today, since it has to be post marked by tomorrow!

After that I headed to best buy to purchase Jordan Knight’s new album Unfinished. It’s amazingly awesome! There have been previews of it online for the last week, but I didnt sneak any listens in, I wanted to be surprised, and I’m so glad I did. If you want to purchase it yourself, there’s a coupon to get it for $5.99 at Best Buy.
My mom told me today that is doing their yearly house giveaway again and its a house in Denver! w00t! however there’s only 2 days left in the contest, but! you can submit 2x a day. so I did and I will continue to until the 2nd! It also includes a new GMC Terrain and I believe 100k cash. How fuckin sweet would it be to win that?!!?

I made these “No Pudge” Fudge Brownies yesterday, fat free, all natural and surprisingly YUMMY!! Srsly, just add vanilla yogurt and stir. How easy is that, well and then baking, but its 2 steps total!



 OH! I got a FREE Bike yesterday! Thanks to FreeCycle! I figured it wouldnt be very easy because lots of ppl were requesting bikes, so i posted in a city thats a lil further away (and uppity) and got a response the next day! Actually 2 responses but I’d already picked it up. It’s purple and cute! Its a lil scratched up in places but I dont care. Hell I scratched my car getting it out )= sadface! So I walked it down to the gas station, filled up the tires with air, and rode it back! The tires are still full today so yay no leaks! The lady said she had snagged it when someone else was moving out, but she never used it. Works for me! So i can use it to ride around nearby, if I need to make a quick trip somewhere, gas station, supermarket, walgreens, long as I dont need to get a lot of stuff… i kinda want a basket for it LOL… The cats of course had to sniff it and check it out. Ellie always barks at people on bikes. So I dont know if I could successfully take her for a walk/run/ride with it. She’s kind of a spaz.


2 responses to “Brownies and Bikes!

  1. crankypants says:

    Wow, you got a free cycle from FreeCycle! Taking it literally, that’s awesome! 🙂

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