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Sooo….guess what!

on June 8, 2011








Just have to sign and return a form and get a few unofficial transcripts for biology and english!

Then I have to attend an orientation in August, I assume the semester starts in September..

BTW would it be wrong to highlight a grammatical error in a form they sent me? It says “flies” twice when it should say “files”…..

Celebrated with Tacos for dinner….I could really go for a martini though…. like I had the other night, see picture.

Tomorrow I’m getting a free “blow-out” done at Ulta at 1pm…not gonna last long though since I have zumba tomorrow night.

Monday night I had a date with a new guy, he was very nice and cute, baby faced though, and short…like I had wedges 5’5″ I may hang out with him again, we’ll see. I’ve been craving the martini’s I had that night ever since they were so yummy. See picture for ingredients!


Saturday night I met up with my friend Lisa, her fiance, and friends at Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill, had some yummy drinks and tortilla soup. She was nice enough to cover my bill too!

Thinking ill probably take my nails off soon since I don’t have any money to get a rebase done /= its been years since I’ve had them off…

I’m still really sore from Mondays zumba class for some reason….must be the new routines we’ve been doing..I should really go for a bike ride tonight.. but ehhhh feelin lazy LOL


3 responses to “Sooo….guess what!

  1. crankypants says:

    Congrats on the vet tech program!! That will be great for you.

  2. xmangerm says:

    I wouldn’t correct their misspelling. And congrats.

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