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Le Sigh….

on June 10, 2011

So yesterday on my way to ULTA to get a free blow out and style, I ended up having to slam on my brakes because of some dipshits in front of me…. ever since then, my car just didnt seem right. Thought maybe it’d be ok this AM to get to Zumba but it was still about the same.

Pressing down on the brake pedal seemed very difficult, no shaking to the car or anything like that, just being difficult. And then it was almost like it wouldnt release it’s hold, once i’d hit the gas it would kind of hesitate.. UGH.

This afternoon I took it across the street to Midas since they do free brake checks…

While the car was getting checked out I met up with Ron for lunch and went to this Deli down the street, i’d always seen it, cuz it’s next to Starbucks, but i’d never tried it. Was pretty good. Then he took me to get ice cream at coldstone! Way surprised! So nice of him, he said i was giddy.. i said well, ice cream makes everything better!

A few hours later they called and said it was the booster & master cylinder… sounds expensive right? YUP. $1000 They also wanted to replace the back brake pads but i said hells no. Ellie and I went and picked the car back up, said thanks for the estimate, ill think about it (not really though.)

Called a few other places, still waiting on some more call backs…took it down for a 2nd opinion to a nearby shop, he said the same thing, minus the rear brakes, his quote was $792. Better, but still high. I mean i have no way to pay for it, mom’s shelling out for the repair, I just feel bad. —- WOOO Just got a call back, he said $685!! That’s the best yet! If i dont get any calls for cheaper I’ll probably schedule that. He said they could do it Monday. Which would mean i’d miss out on Zumba \= booooo.

I guess my bicycle will be getting a lot of use this weekend LOL.

*Update – The last place called me back and quoted me “about 600” if not a little under, plus tax. SOLD!!! And they can get it done tomorrow! I have to drop it off around 8am, looks like i’ll be riding my bike back to the house… its about 3.8 miles… hope I survive LOL its basically a straight shot, but still…sucks. LOL. My ass is already sore even with a new seat! Just not used to it! Hopefully the weather stays ok, theres a 52% chance of rain tomorrow, it rained a bit tonight but blew through… I’m gonna see if Josh or someone can drive me back to pick up the car when its done..


2 responses to “Le Sigh….

  1. trishc1812 says:

    ugh. Car issues suck. But there is no faster way to realize just exactly how much we depend on those four tires and the complicated engine in front. I see that they were able to fix it and for cheaper. That is awesome.

  2. xmangerm says:

    “I guess my bicycle will be getting a lot of use this weekend LOL” At least your short trip might make up for the Zumba classes that you miss:) Have a nice day.

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