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All better!

on June 11, 2011

Dropped my car off at 8am today, rode my bike home the 3.8,… i say 4 miles LOL… took me about 40 minutes.. is that good? bad? i dunno.. all i know is i made it ha!

They called me at 11:20 and said the car was ready! Super fast! Even better, it came out cheaper than expected!!! They quoted 600 + tax…. but the actual total came to $577 !!!! w00t!! I told the guy “you’re my favorite! i’ll be back next time something breaks!” he’s like Sounds good! We wanna keep you as a customer!

It’s like learning how to stop all over again, feels so different! but im glad the car is sorta happy now… other things can be fixed later..

aside from that i havent done shit all day. such a lazy ass i swear, i dunno what my problem is lately…


4 responses to “All better!

  1. xmangerm says:

    “about 40 minutes” not that good….

  2. Glad your car is happy and safe again. Too hot to do anything?

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