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Mainly for me

on June 17, 2011

Writing this from my phone, in bed, so it doesn’t keep me awake….

Stuff I need to do Friday cuz I’ve put it off all week:
Clean the Bunnies
Clean the Cat box
Finish laundry (I did a TON today)
Go to Old Navy to use groupon and find a new shirt for Friday night new date …. bowling and drinks!
Clean out car
Call IRS and postpone payment
Send out ppwk for school
Send out package for Dad
Call Dad cuz its his birthday!
Go to Ross and look for black ankle socks
Clean carpet cuz I spilled red drink on it
Clean bathroom

Already done this week (mostly today):
Put clean sheets on bed
Did 4-5 loads of laundry, and put away 3!
Reorganized linen/product overstock closet
Put aside clothes to take to buffalo exchange to try and get some money….now I just gotta go down there…
Cleaned the fridge top to bottom including under the freezer panel…so gross…obv the prev. Tennant didn’t do it. And then reorganized everything in it and threw away old stuff.

Weds night saw a pre-screening of Friends With Benefits, sooooo cute and funny and lots of nekkid Justin Timberlake!

Really felt like I kicked ass at Zumba tonight. Felix kept messing up and I was like wtf are u doin??!??? And he’d just laugh and shake his head. Lol. The damn Shakira song, its my favorite, but I’m sooooo outta breathe when its over. Rawr!

Ok I think that’s enough for now….my head is clear…


4 responses to “Mainly for me

  1. zumba and seeing that movie with jt. two things i really want to do soon!
    i like that you share your to do lists 🙂

    • definitely see the movie! we laughed the whole time!
      and you should definitely do Zumba its soooo much fun!

      i think my lists may help someone else remember something they need to get done! LoL

  2. leendadll says:

    there was a news special this week about all the Zumba varieties being taught… senior zumba, water zumba, stuff i don’t remember zumba…
    but still no “10pm zumba” for people like me.

    i have a huge todo list too. just printed it out. i’m willing to bet i blow off > 50% of it!

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