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Catching Up

on June 20, 2011

I feel like i haven’t updated in days….aaaaaaaand I havent!

Lets see…whats been going on…

Friday was a day of errands and what not…

  • Went to Zumba
  • Went to Post Office
  • Went to Old Navy and used my groupon, got a cute shirt for the date purple and white racerback tank
  • Took my ON receipt to Coldstone for bogo ice cream, got one for me and Ellie
  • Did *some* laundry, and put *some* away….
  • Went on my date, we went bowling, then to his condo to watch movies, and played with his puppy Harley, such a cutie… I ended up staying the night, but all we did was cuddle… i was sandwiched btwn him and the pup…it was cute LOL. Hopefully we hang out again, when I left he said “we should do this again” so, we’ll see.
  • Saturday was super duper busy, I left his house, came home walked Ellie and then went back to sleep for 3 hours.
  • Then i drove to broomfield for a consumer testing thing and got paid $35 woohoo. Then came back home again.
  • Made some brownies to take to the NK bday get together.
  • Pretty sure I took a nap or something of that sort…
  • Then I drove back up to thornton/brighton for the NK (new kids) birthday party, I was there for about 6 hours! It was at my friend Keri’s house. We had yummy lasagna, salad, my fat free brownies, and angel food cake w/strawberries, oh and lots of Malibu! LoL..
  • Keri’s a licensed hair dresser so 3 of the girls got their hair done while we were there and we watched the NKOTB Coming Home DVD and reminisced about the cruise and tours, and talked about ppl on twitter that we don’t like very much LoL
  • Her doggies loved me, i gave them so much attn, and then they tackled me on the floor it was fun!
  • Look at that UnderBite! How could you not love that face LOL that’s Louie and the doxie is Toby.
  • Sunday….what did i do Sunday…I got a newspaper..
  • Cleaned the bunnies….
  • Made a roast…
  • Yeah not too much got done yesterday lol

I woke up all night long cuz it was pouring like crazy out I had to close my window and sliding door cuz everything was getting wet, there were huge puddles outside my place this morning. Went to Zumba, it didnt seem as full today, maybe the rain kept people away…

Felix asked if I was coming to the 2 hour party on Saturday and I said probably not because I don’t have the $15 for it……. he said Well, it’s at the new studio, just come, you can pay me whenever you get money. How awesome is that! He’s the best, I swear. He also asked how much weight i’ve lost, i said i’m STILL at the 15lb mark.. and it wont budge, and i’ve been doing 3 classes/week. He said I should up it to 4-5 a week… i’d like to! But his other 24hr classes are at clubs above my level ie. more money…he also asked if i was eating good.. which i have been for the most part… maybe have 1 soda a week.. I’ve been drinking Country Time lemonade from the can/powder..  and water, but not as much water as I should.. its just soo boooooring LoL

This Saturday me and 3 friends will be going to Old Navy for a sample share for their shorts and what not, meaning we each get a free pair of shorts, a top, and an accessory! I get these awesome sample shares from Crowd Tap, its hella fun and I suggest you join!

Still havent found me a job yet, but I did send out a bunch of resumes this weekend, some restaurants, some receptionist/office positions things like that… hopefully something comes along soon! My unemployment says it was “approved” last week, but then thursday I got a letter saying I have to call in for an appeal hearing on the 27th. gah, really!? c’mon already!

Ah well i better wrap this up and maybe head to bed…


3 responses to “Catching Up

  1. leendadll says:

    insider tip: Try to find if anyone does car focus group testing in your area (driving and/or reviewing features/colors/etc). It pays REALLY well ($100 and higher… I’ve gotten as much as $250 for 2 or 3 hours of my time).

    How did you get into the Old Navy test group?

    • Through crowdtap, once you get to I think the 2nd level you can apply for opportunities. A friend of mine did one for hawaiian tropic a while back and playtex body wipes.

      • leendadll says:

        I used to be on a couple lists. Once got a great nail polish sample but the mfg info was all hidden so I couldn’t go buy it. Also once got 3 bags of chips to sample. But car, by far, are my fav. Always interesting to do and good money. I once arrived late (the drive was about 30 miles longer than I realized) and was told I couldn’t do my survey… but was paid the $100 anyway!!

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