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Weird, for me.

on June 26, 2011

This evening I went over to my friend Tyler’s for a pool party/housewarming.

Hung out with some of his people i knew and others i didnt, had some pizza and drinks, really screwed myself on that! But anyways, spent some time in the pool and hot tub, and lots of time just chillin conversing with people.

Around 10 we headed inside to the rec room and watched tv, some people played pool.. mostly I started flirting with 2 diff guys.

We’ll call them CB (cockblocker) and HL (hippy lawyer)

On the walk from the pool to the rec room HL and i conversed a lil bit, he asked if I ever wanted kids (what?) lol…and things like that, how long I knew Tyler etc etc…

Once we got in CB and i were talk talk talking, watching music videos, and other things on tv, telling crazy stories about things, other people would pop into our convo here and there… this went on for about 2 hours or so…he ALSO asked If i had or wanted kids… weiiiiiiird. OH AND HE ALSO KNOWS NKOTB, like he sang 2 of the new songs and some of the old ones! He even asked to see pics from my cruise, he was like NO FUCKIN WAY!

So around midnight i decide i should leave because i forgot to walk Ellie before i left, and that was at 4:30 WHOOPS. So HL says oh where are you parked? I’ll walk out with you, so I said okay cool.. and he stops to give tyler’s gf his info about some hike or something.. and i’m talking to Tyler about how the hell to get out of the complex and to my car… then CB comes over and is like EFF THIS i’ll walk out with you c’mon! I’m like oh but i was gonna walk with hi-….NO c’mon now lets go!  HL turns around i’m like uhhh sorry?? *shrugs*?? So we’re walking through the complex and hes like god, i can.not.stand.that.guy. what a douchebag he is! i’m like really? he’s kinda quiet didn’t really say much? he’s like oh no, he’s really annoying, i just cant stand him…

So i’m thinking to myself, he just TOTALLY cockblocked HL! How funny!!! WTF! So we chatted a lil on the walk to the car and I was like thanks for walkin me out here *hugs*  have a good night!

I just can’t believe what happened right there… maybe I’m thinking into it too much but i dunno.. thats not something that normally ever happens to me, so I’m just soaking it all in…. maybe it was my super duper boob bathing suit that I had on hahaha… but i put my clothes back on before we went inside… so who knows!

It’s 1 am and i’m exhausted, I’ve been up since 8am and I dunno how?! Runnin on fumes!


4 responses to “Weird, for me.

  1. leendadll says:

    a GUY sang NKOTB and was envious of your photos? my gaydar is going off!

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