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Decent Monday

on June 27, 2011

Monday Monday Monday….
It hasn’t been too bad… I was iffy about getting outta bed and going to Zumba, but I figured since it may be the last Monday class I attend for a while I might as well go.. There was a lot of retarded slow traffic for some reason, and a few people tried to hit my car so that pissed me off… even more since my horn still doesnt work! BOO!

Felix asked after class If i was planning on doing the training on the 10th, I said yes, and he’s all, well just let me know.. so I said… I’M LETTING YOU KNOW! I’ll be there…somehow!

On my way home i received an email from the school saying my paperwork was approved and I should register for the fall semester! So that was awesome! However when i went to do it I kept getting an error message so I wrote the girl in charge and she said she’d have it fixed today… so hopefully tomorrow I can do it all.

I figured out the schedule and it’ll be Mon-Thurs 9am to 4pm ish.. some breaks in between, most classes are at least 2-4 hours each and at least 1 lab. I’ll be taking the following classes:

– Exotic Animal Handling
– Intro to Laboratory Procedures
– Humane Treatment/Handling
– Office Procedures & Relations
– Vet Anatomy/Physiology I

Now i’ve taken them all before, so there’s no reason I should have any problems with them as long as I stay focused and get enough time to study and not fuck things off like I did before. Should be able to find a night/weekend job as well… waitressing? cocktail? man I gotta find something!

I also had my phone appeal hearing for unemployment today. Was basically an hour long phone call bashing Sara… was me, my old manager, hr rep, and the unemployment person. So my old manager went first and then HR asked her ?’s and then i got my rebuttal, and they asked me questions, went back and forth. So the UE lady said she’d have her decision soon and mail it out as fast as she could. I’m hoping she’ll have pity on me, but I really don’t foresee it happening, my manager made it seem like i had complaints on a daily basis. Actually she said just that. Which was not true at all. But WTFE. So i’m just gonna cross my fingers and toes and go from there. In the meantime, i’ll keep looking for work!

Crap I still haven’t made my turkey yet! It’s probably thawed out by now its been in the fridge for a couple days… I could really go for some ice cream though…

It hasnt been *as hot* today as the previous few days i just now turned on the AC cuz i was sweating just sittin on the couch… theres supposed to be thunderstorms coming in.. and Ellie jumped on the couch a bit ago and hasnt left so i know thats true..

The laundry fairy has NOT visited lately and I’m sick of sleeping on clean clothes! LoL.. i know you do it too don’t lie! I should really take care of that today… I’m not doin anything else! And there’s nothing good on tv tonight either.. no excuse I guess eh?


3 responses to “Decent Monday

  1. leendadll says:

    I thought “Humane Treatment/Handling”
    said “HUMAN treatment/handling”… which struck me as a really well thought-out class!… handling all the psychotic animal owners!

  2. my laundry fairy has been MIA lately too 😦

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