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I’ve had about enough…

on July 1, 2011

I’ve gotten a lot of birthday perks in my email lately so I decided to use one tonight at Papa Murphy’s. I would get a free side of cookie dough if I bought a pizza, so I did. A deLite chicken artichoke spinach bacon yummyness….

On the way home I stopped at the liquor store looking for Razzmatazz.. but only found Pomegranate schnapps…which was fine.

I came back out to the car to find this:
Shoulda been my dinner..If you can’t tell… thats my pizza, that i would have eaten for dinner, had the fucking dog not torn into it and eaten half of it.

I let out one xlarge sigh, turned around looked at Ellie in the back seat and she hunched down… i went to smack her and she snarled and bit me. She continued to snarl at me so I opened the back door and smacked her on her ass.

Once I got home I got everything out of the car, however the dog didn’t come easily she wanted to stay in there because she knew she was in trouble.

She immediately hid under the bed when we got inside i had to shoo her out with a broom, in order to discipline her and then lock her in the dark bathroom…

I tried to salvage the pizza…
Not so much...but to no avail… there was barely any dough left….I managed to put some of the chicken, bacon, and cheese in a bowl and heat it up.. it wasn’t quite the same though…
Not a pizza

So, that was my $14 dinner.. in a bowl…




I don’t understand why after nearly 6 years of co-habitation, this dog is still so fucking ungrateful. She has a home, she gets walks, love, and her own food all day long. She’s never once gone without a meal while I’ve had her, she has people to watch her while i’m out of town and she goes to the dog park on occasion.

Why can’t she behave her self? Why can’t she control her self and her temptations? What the fuck is wrong with her?

While she was locked in the bathroom I tried to eat some of my bowl of toppings…and i just fucking lost it…started crying and shaking my head. I just needed a release I guess… She’s just stressing me out. I tried to be nice, take her for a ride since she’s stuck inside lately because of the heat. But, she’s in a nice AC’d apt still, no respect for my shit.

I’ve just about finished my drink and some of my food… but i’m still angry and shaky and pissed the fuck off.

I texted Josh to see if she could come over and stay the night because i don’t even wanna fucking look at her, but him and his gf are “having some discussions” tonight…so that’s a no…so she’s been let out of the bathroom and is now laying on the living room floor…but i’m not talking to her or looking at her.

I think we need a pet psychic/communicator to figure out what the fuck her problem is.


3 responses to “I’ve had about enough…

  1. crankypants says:

    Awwww, that sucks, and on your birthday! (Happy belated birthday, by the way). Sorry your dinner was ruined. Dogs are dogs. Can’t trust em around food. I’ve had Elvis for over 13 years and it’s the same. He’s little so he can’t get into my food like yours can, but he would if he could. I can’t eat a meal in peace if he’s around, he just whines and barks till I’m done and give him the plate. It’s frustrating and annoying, and I realize a lot of it is my own damn fault for putting up with it. And he’ll bite me too, snarl, etc., especially when he knows he’s in trouble. (mostly snarling but damn, even a chihuahua snap on the hand can really hurt!!). I have gotten so frustrated over the years but now when I am most angry with him, I just try to turn it off and forgive him because getting angry isn’t going to make anything better, (it actually makes him more defensive, nasty, and horrible) and who knows how much longer he’ll even be around. so when I am hating him for something I just remember that I really love him more than anything and realize, he’s a dog, not a human, and he does stupid dog stuff I will never understand. (please realize I’m not really comparing my situation to yours or giving advice, just sharing frustration and how I deal with it to maintain my sanity and love for my dog…)

  2. leendadll says:

    I’m thinking your dog saw the food, and you leaving, and thought, “oh, yeah… a present for me… FOOD!” Then you came back & got mad. She didn’t understand why you were mad but recognized your behaviour, knew what was coming, and was trying to protect herself. I can’t imagine that “discipline” and being locked in the bathroom just confused her. A dog has a child’s mentality, at best, so expecting her to “control her self and her temptations” just strikes me as craziness.

    I understand getting so annoyed that you need to get some space – but I also know that when I do that kind of stuff, it just makes my pets think I’m an unpredictable psycho.

    Dunno if you’ll find anything useful in this article but it just came over from my vet so I thought I’d link it:

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