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The First part of the day was good…

on July 2, 2011

Well prior to the dog eating my dinner, see previous post, the day was pretty good.

I actually did NOT go to zumba, sadface, i was so tired, i’d been up since 2 am fighting with my internet connection. I got a free 3 month upgrade to BLAST! speed from comcast, and after that happened, my connection wouldn’t hold for more than a minute, i ended up reinstalling my whole wireless network, and then finally gave up. Today though it’s been fine no problems whatsoever.

Around noon I left and went to Kmart, i swear i havent been there in about 5 years, i bought some dog and cat food, ironic huh? It was on sale there so thats why i went…I got $53 in gas arrrrgh.. at least its going down, surprisingly for a holiday weekend, it was $3.36 today not too shabby.

After that I went to the movies to catch a matinee of Bad Teacher. It was ehh OK. not as great as i’d expected, like most people have said, the best parts were in the commercials/previews…i’d save your $ till its on netflix.

Once that finished, i headed across the shopping center to JCPenney because Sephora had sent me a free bday gift, a vanilla birthday cake body wash, and also a 2nd email for a moisturizer so that was awesome. I even managed to NOT buy anything else while i was there. Ill admit I looked at their arizona jeans, however their current styles didnt fit and i didnt like their pockets. I’m like inbetween a 15/17 in juniors and the womens section didnt have anything appealing there…

Comedy Works, the local comedy club called and offered me tix for my bday next week, so I decided on Friday night, normally when they do that its free cover but since i picked friday its discounted down to $10. From a normal $30 ticket, so that’s not bad. I invited a bunch of people, who will inevitably flake out on me last minute.. Tyler said he would invite his gf and a couple ppl if that was okay which it is.. so we’ll see if anyone actually pulls through and shows up.. not holding my breathe though, but at least its a plan of something to do for my birthday, even if it’s a day late.

A few days ago I got a payment from unemployment, surprisingly, almost $400 so that was nice! My status changed from “exhausted” to “approved” i’m hoping that means ill get all my money?? I also received a letter saying my unemployment funds had run out (even though i hadnt received any) and i had to apply for federal extension of funds, which I did. So who knows…

My grandma and stepdad gave my mom money to deposit for me for birthday money so that was awesome and came in handy! Gotta love birthday perks! I’m going to use some/most of it to pay for my Zumba training I think…

OH So, I texted the dude i went bowling with a couple weeks ago, inviting him to comedy works next week.. his response “thanks for the invite, but i’ve been seeing someone now and I dont think she’d approve” what? lol in the last 2 weeks you’ve met someone and started dating them???? I REALLY AM GOOD LUCK CHUCK. my god. I don’t care really.. it’s cool that he found someone, but i’d really just appreciate a heads up, a hey fyi, just thought you’d like to know etc etc….

Soooo I just got this message on OkCupid from some guy, no idea what it means…. “Hey how are you? Funny, I’ve been teaching myself how to make nice cocktail drinks. 😉 ”

I’m supposed to swoon over that? It doesn’t even make any sense?? Obv. you’ve had too many cocktails TONIGHT.


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