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Please pay your respects

on July 6, 2011

I’ve been literally running the 10 feet from my bed to the bathroom for the last 24 hours…

Seems I have come down with Salmonella Poisoning…and finally know how, from Josh’s bbq Sunday. I know because Wendy felt the same way yesterday… She said she only dealt with it for 16 hours…

Luckily I haven’t thrown up, been nauseous…but everythings comin out the other end… Not sure how seeing as I haven’t been able to eat anything.

Ever see that episode of Scrubs where JD passes out after everytime he takes a poo? That’s how I feel.. I get all dizzy and lightheaded… Around 4 am I went to get some water…and had to sit down on the kitchen floor before I fell over.

I somehow managed to drag myself to walgreens for some gatorade, chicken soup, and medicine…but nothings really helped….my back was/is hurting I think it was mainly my kidneys, but the gatorade has helped, as well as a hot bath and heating pad…

How’s it make any sense its 85 degrees out, I’ve got a heating pad on my back and bag of ice on my head????

I just hope its gone by tomorrow….seeing as its my bday and all….

If you don’t hear from me…I’m prolly passed out in the bathroom with a head injury…

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3 responses to “Please pay your respects

  1. AuntieBellum says:

    Ick! Hope you’re feeling better today. I’d think that once you got the bad food out of your system, it would start clearing up?

  2. you’d think so right?! but no!

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