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Birthday Celebration!

on July 9, 2011

Friday night I met up with Tanya, Tyler, his gf Jamie, his friend Brian (twice, price) and his friend Elle.

We went to Comedy Works for a good laugh, the headliner was one of the head writers for SNL, John Mulaney. He was hilarious! The opening acts were great as well, I’m glad we went.

Brian or twice, or price, whichever name you wanna call him, is one of the guys from Tyler’s pool party a few weeks ago that I was heavily flirting with. I was happy that Tyler had invited him along, but kinda bummed that he’d brought a girl with him \=

After the show we decided to get some drinks so we walked a couple blocks down to this place called Maloney’s it was pretty cool i’d never been there before, the waitresses were a lil wonky, VERY YOUNG and what not.. but it was all good… we got our drink on there and had a great time. At one point i went outside with Price to get some air and cuz Elle wanted to smoke.. while we’re out there she’s talkin to some guy and me and Price are talking, and he’s making fun of the guy she’s talking to, and hes like “People always think me and her are together, but we’re not, we’re just friends” O_0 oh really?! That changed the whole dynamic of the night! Wish i’d known that earlier! So I immediately turned my flirt on LOL. When we were back inside he leaned over and was like.. “Tyler gave you my # right?” I’m like yeah he did……… (thinking, but i’m a big pussy and never texted you)

Tyler and Jamie left around 11 something so they could get home at a decent time and the 3 of us hung out a bit longer. Price kept asking so whats up, whats next, what do you wanna do?! I’m like i dunno i have no plans?!

Well somehow we decided on coming back to my place even though it was a disaster. That was mainly the decision because i had to bring Tanya back for her car. I tried to convince him to give me a couple mins just to quickly straighten up the disaster of my house but he insisted it was fine and wouldn’t let me do anything! We made a drink and… well we wasted no time and headed to the bedroom! I’ll spare you all the details, but, he was the best birthday present I’ve gotten in a long time LOL. He stayed until around 7 am even though he said he was supposed to work at 6… so I dunno what happened with that… i’ve made a conscious decision not to text him till at least tomorrow lol

Here’s all our pics from last night, good times!
I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out who my present was (=

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really only got maybe 3 hours of good actual sleep… after which I had to get up and go start my Certification for Pachenga. It was supposed to be a 5-6 hour class, but thankfully he shortened it to only 4 hours. Our first 45 minutes was our normal routine, than we all sat down and talked went through a booklet he gave us.. Then we all had to get up and do one song leading the class, i was next to last to go, and it wasnt my favorite song LOL its hard to do moves facing the class, because everythings then reversed…he said i did good for my first time and everyone gave me lots of praise…

There was a point where I thought i was gonna pass out.. being hungover plus not totally recoop’d from the salmonella poisoning.. Felix came over and was like, are you okay??? i’m really worried about you!  but i went to the bathroom splashed some water on my face and was able to continue… we finished off with another hour long convo about classes and what not. He said they have/will have a lot of opportunities for teaching coming up soon esp. with the new studio being up and running now.. so if i get this vet clinic job, i’ll have to see what my schedule would be able to accommodate… we also got a new cd with our current songs on it so i should start practicing the moves in reverse so i can teach them LOL.

I’m gonna go try and make some dinner and pass out, I’m thoroughly exhausted.


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