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Unstoppable Freshness!

on July 21, 2011

Downy Unstoppables
A few weeks ago I received a sample in the mail of new Downy Unstoppables from Vocal Point. A  new laundry additive or  “in-wash scent booster” said to last 30 days!
(in storage)

 It features a squeeze and sniff bottle design, just squeeze the sides, inhale… and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The refreshing scent makes you want to do laundry right then and there!



You just toss these cute lil beads into the wash at the beginning of the cycle along with your detergent and clothes! Easy Peasy!





I loved using these on my bed sheets and comforter, so refreshing to have the scent still hanging around days after washing! I plan on washing all my fall/winter sweaters this week and utilizing my sample of Unstoppables, hoping that when I put them in a vacuum sealed bag the scent will still be there this fall when I’m ready to wear them again!

 So how can you get your own Unstoppables? Sign up for Vocal Point today, they’ll be giving out more samples soon!


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