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Grrr and Raawwr

on July 22, 2011

I think this post will be a little bit of complaining…about my “friends”.

Chantelle is in town for another week or so..we met up Saturday night when she got in, actually no, we didnt meet up. She asked me to come pick her up. I obliged because she had just driven 8 hours from Kansas.

We spent a few hours at Caldonias mostly her friends, and original Josh came by as well. Of course she made everything all about her. I managed to get convo’s in with Josh and her friend Chandra. I was telling her about Pachanga classes and they’re right by her house, so I’m going to try and get her to come this Sunday. (I also invited Chan but she said 9:30? on a sunday?! hell no! but then once I publicly invited Chandra on FB Chan was like oh ill go if im not hungover)
Wednesday we were supposed to take the dogs to the park. It rained for all of 5 minutes so she cancelled that. We went to dinner instead at our favorite restraurant Brio and had our favorite Chopped Salad and a few drinks.

Thursday we were supposed to take the dogs to the park… she cancelled that as well. Then she asked me to go to dinner with her. She took a nap, texted me back, and said her friend Nicole wanted to go to dinner and she hadn’t seen her yet. Ok wtfever. So i was left high and dry again Thursday night. But then has the audacity to ask if I’d drive her to and pick her up from this bar down town for $20. 1st of all i’m not a taxi driver. I’m not reverting to our ways of years ago when i’d drive her drunk ass all over town. She didnt even want to go downtown till 10:30pm, and wouldnt be leaving till at least 1:30 am. I said no because i’d already be asleep at that time and I had to get up early to go to Pachanga. Then she asks if i’d take her to pick up her car (today) if she left it downtown, i said fine. Luckily that didnt happen. Nicole took her to and fro. What doesnt make any sense is that i had a certificate for the exact place she was going last night and she knew it. However didnt invite me.

Today she asks if I want to go with her to get her tattoo. I said yeah possibly… then she says well Nicole’s coming and we’re getting dinner afterwards. So i said fucking make up your mind either ask me or dont. Don’t ask 12 other people and when they say yes, then back out on me. She said “i wasn’t uninviting you, just saying that she’s coming along”. WTFever. I don’t even wanna go. I don’t have money and gas to be driving around and eating out every night.

I just texted her and asked if she wanted to bring the dog over and ill watch her for the night i dont feel like going out, maybe ill take them to the park together or they can just play and chill.

I’m just over all these people with their attitudes. Ron tweeted me today asking if i was gonna come say hi to his son. WTf would i wanna do that? I don’t like kids. He’s been a dickhead to me lately. He tries to make it better by offering Cold Stone and I said, well that’s not within my diet plan.. (I got a body bugg they other day i havent mentioned that yet). He throws out some insult shot at my Pachanga instructor, if thats what he told me not to eat. I said no he didnt tell me anything, and fuck you too. He just can’t be supportive of ANYTHING I do. Sick of having a-holes around me for friends.

Everyone’s got their fucking kids and can’t do anything w/o them. And when i say no thanks, if you’re bringing your kids i dont wanna hang out, THEY get pissed. Hello you know I don’t like children. That’s not gonna change.

What’s funny, the people who ARE friendly who ARE supportive who ARE there for me? The NKOTB girls. They’re awesome. I can talk to them share things with them that I can’t with others, we all get along great and theyre just what i need right now.

Phew, okay thanks WP for letting me vent, I really needed that.


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