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Wednesday Wrap Up

on July 28, 2011

I guess I should make a post with some substance, it’s been a few days!

Haven’t been up to much aside from eating out with Chan all the time. I swear she’s killing my diet!!! She’s only here through the weekend, and Friday/Saturday I’ll have Delilah again while she goes camping. So uh, that’ll be fun. Another dog in the house for 2 days. Oh joy. At least Ellie will be happy. The cats, not so much.

Hmm what else…its been hot as hell lately and not raining nearly as much.

I went to OfficeMax the other day to get some school supplies and I tried using a gift card i got from the shopping center but the cashier was an idiot and couldnt figure it out so I had to pay out of pocket. I only bought 5 spiral notebooks $1 each and 2 packs of pens, came to $10. I was looking at binders there but they were like $8 a piece?! WTF?! Ridiculous!  Plus the employees were SO freaking annoying. I was pretty much the only person in the store as it was and I’m sure every employee asked me at least twice how i was doing if i needed help if i was finding everything. I know this is their job, but srsly, just once is more than enough. I had an ad in hand and was looking at the product. When the last one talked to me i was so close to throwing everything down and walking out.

Yay School Supplies!!!Today I stopped by walmart… found the exact same spiral notebooks for .20 each. Hells yeah! So I got 5 notebooks for the price of one from officemax. Tomorrow I will be returning the $1 notebooks and gettin my $5 back! I of course got matching binders/notebooks. Aside from the purple/pink, i had to get black notebooks, but its all good! Walmart FTW surprisingly! School starts in less than a month, its finally getting real! yay!!

I did get to use my $10 gift card at Old Navy though and got 2 cute v neck shirts, that were on sale for $5. Well the manager said “no, no only certain ones” the cashier rolled his eyes and did a price correction for me (=

Tomorrow i’m getting a haircut at ULTA, they sent me an email with 40% off any salon service for the next 4 days. I thought why the hell not. I’ve been thinking about a haircut anyways and might as well get a decent one done instead of the normal Super Cuts $14. I have a few different, yet similar styles in mind. My first choice was Mariska Hargitay’s hairstyle, but now i’m kinda leaning towards I believe it’s Kelly Clarkson’s style… however I like the colors of Mariska’s and I’ll prolly get that done in a few weeks before school starts (= here’s the options:







OooOOooh and THIS is pretty cool, go check it out, 3rd one down.
Now i’m wishing I’d used a different picture I have one almost exactly like  it but just a tad bit different… oh well its good enough for now!

I received my bodybugg last week and i’m loving it already. I’ve lost 4 lbs in 1 week!!!  Just with the help of the bugg and the online program. It makes me responsible for things eaten, steps taken, activities done. Its pretty effing awesome. Yesterday i had the 1 included phone consultation with some girl who was a dipshit in my opinion. Everything she showed me I already knew, or would have figured out eventually. I’m not an idiot and I know how to use online programs. I can see how other people who aren’t technologically up to date may have issues with it, but its pretty straightforward.

Tonight I organized and cleaned out my fridge however i’m getting a pool of water at the bottom which leads me to believe i need to clear out the freezer portion, prolly a blockage in the line or its frozen over and draining in the fridge when it does defrost a lil. Quite annoying. Oh well at least will give me something to do tomorrow along with laundry and general cleaning up. Maybe even if i have time, ie. energy, i’ll head to the gym for a regular workout since there’s no longer any thursday night Pachanga classes for me to attend. boo!

Twitters a buzz with rumors of the next NKOTB Cruise announcement and it hasnt even been announced yet, not even a hint at it. Last year we had some notice around this time, but not yet. Which is quite alright with me because i only have $100 of the $300 needed for the deposit saved up.

IKEA opened today in Denver (Centennial really) and I ALMOST thought about going and standing in line around 4 am… but i went back to sleep instead. The first 38 people got couches, the next 100 got chairs, and the remainder up to 2500 got envelopes with coupons or gift cards in them… People had been camping out since Monday. I think i’ll wait till I get my next check and then i’ll head over there in 2 weeks. Hopefully the crowd will have died down and I wont want to punch anyone in the face lol. I’d really like to have a dresser instead of the plastic rubbermaid drawers that i use for some clothes.

Spoke with my dad the other night and apparently about a week ago my grandma fell down and fractured her hip. She’s taken quite a few falls in the last few years but this one finally did it. So she had to go have surgery and now she’s in a rehab facility for a few weeks. Which really is the best place for her to be. She’s a handful for my dad to try and take care of, having Dementia and Alzheimer’s and always trying to escape from the house!  So now he’s getting a chance to clean up both his place and hers while she’s there and he’s going to visit her daily to have dinner with her and what not. Hopefully it all works out for the both of them. Of course none of his other siblings offer to go out there and help or do anything, there’s not too much i can do from here but still, thats their mother, they have obligations!

Well I better head to bed, i’m kinda tired, but not really, yet hungry at the same time…and hot, this laptop makes me overheat…



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