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Friday Decisions…

on August 5, 2011

Doesn’t even feel like Friday to me…
This morning I got up and went to Pachanga, it was a FULL class, nice to see such a good turn out, and I got on stage for 2 different dances. I really wish I could catch my breath after the Shakira song but I just go all out for it and yeah…I’ve got 22 more classes to use in 28 days…eeek. So looks like I’ll be going Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

The other night I won a prize on the radio! I won 2 tix to go see Crazy, Stupid, Love, a tshirt and movie poster, so I went to pick those up today, however the t-shirt is an adult size Small. WTF? I havent tried it on but i’m pretty sure it aint gonna fit these boobs. I also got a lil backpack those thin ones that just have the strings you cinch up, its red with vitamin water on it. Yay for winning stuff! I can’t wait to go see the movie next week.

Stopped by Costco on the way home, big mistake! LOL Bought some potstickers, a box of skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, a tub of red vines (hey they’re fat free!) and a bag of tostitos. I have salsa that needs to be made this weekend. There were a lot of taste testers out and about there today so i snagged a few samples… and when I left i’d been eyeing the snack bar and ended up getting a Churro however it wasnt that great, now i’m kinda pissed i wasted those calories. Oh well. I saw a nice backpack there I might go back and get next week, only $16.99.

Felt so exhausted this afternoon i took a 3 hour nap! From around 5-8, i dunno why, i think maybe its just the heat getting to me.

Wednesday I had my interview at Ulta, I got there 10 mins early, and they didn’t even start my interview till 30 minutes late. I got up 15 minutes after my appointment and asked what was going on, because none of the interviewers had even acknowledged I was there..anyways they were nice, today they called back and offered me the job. I accepted it, and have to go next Thursday for orientation. It doesn’t pay hardly anything, less than half of what I was making at the DMV. Provides 25% off retail products and 50% off salon services though, that’s nice. And they seem to be okay working with my school schedule. However it is gonna require Friday morning Shipment shifts, thats at 5am. Yes. 5am on a Friday. Crazy talk.

I do have an interview scheduled for Tuesday at this restaurant, Brio, its further away, by the Macy’s i used to work at. I’d probably make more money there, but I don’t know how flexible they would be with my school schedule. I might as well go to the interview and see what they have to say.

So Saturday i’ve got Pachanga in the am, then Lisa’s reception in the afternoon, more Pachanga Sunday and then I dunno what else… i’m pretty much tapped out on money until Tuesday. If i decide to stick with the Ulta job i’ll need to pick up a few more black clothes and comfy black shoes.

Well, I guess that’s about it, i was yawning a few minutes ago but now I feel more awake. I’m sure if I go lay down in bed ill just toss and turn and not be able to fall asleep.


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  1. we love skinny cow ice cream – guilt free!

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