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Hi, I’m still around!

on August 31, 2011

Sheesh i havent updated with anything of substance in a while!

Last week I started school so that’s whats been occupying a lot of my time! The first week went pretty well. Just getting acclimated to the schedule and theres really only a few classrooms we utilize so its no biggie. Most days I have breaks in between classes where I can come home and eat lunch, chill, study whatever. I literally live like 6 minutes away

Today we had a “breed quiz” on the Hounds group. I got 9/10 correct. Stupid Basenji that looks like some other dog is what I got wrong. Oh well. We also had an “exam” after that but it was pretty easy. 90% multiple choice, and like 4 fill in the blanks. it was supposed to be over our lecture notes, then chapter 1 and 11. Well i totally spaced that 1 had anything to do with it. never read it. But i busted my ass last night and today reading and comprehending chapter 11. well fuck, there was not ONE SINGLE QUESTION on the test about chapter 11! I was livid!! I learned all that for nothing?!?!?!!? At least I know how this teacher’s tests are, and since I have her for like, 3 classes, they should all be about the same.

We have next Monday off for Labor Day, and I think we may start doing some lab’s that week as well. The only class i’m frustrated with is Anatomy and Physiology because this week we’ve been going over like chemistry shit. and i’m so lost. I really dont feel like knowing the molecular make-up of Sodium is gonna make any difference in what i’m doing. Hopefully we move off of this soon. I can’t deal with it.

We should be getting our scrubs delivered this week, hopefully, because I don’t have ANY and will need them for labs next week.

I’ve stuck with the job at ULTA. It’s not that bad. I mean Fridays at 5:30 am SUCKBALLZ but other regular shifts are okay. This weekend however I was there at 8am on saturday and 7 am on sunday doing ‘task’ work. So i havent been able to go to Pachanga since like last Sunday or Monday! Im dying to go back so i’ll be heading there tomorrow evening.

Yesterday i got the worst pain in my jaw/ear. I coulda sworn it was an ear infection. Since I don’t have insurance still, I decided to go to a Walgreens Take Care Clinic since theyre cheaper (barely) than an urgent care place. The guy said I didnt have an ear infection, no swelling, irritation, redness, or wax. That probably what I was experiencing was Eustacian tube problems. UGH I had this before after i had my molar pulled out on the opposite side. So there went $89 for a visit… he did however prescribe me some “numbing ear drops” which really did help the pain! He also gave me some nasal spray stuff because the tubes are connected with the sinus cavities and all that (another $60)  so.. today i feel a lot better, not 100% but like 87%. Oh I was supposed to work last night, but seeing as how much pain I was in, i called in. I felt bad about it, but meh. Whatevs.

I need to get my school ID card this week so I can utilize the student health center, even though its downtown, I believe they are hopefully, even cheaper than Walgreens and Urgent Cares.

Hmm what else.. OH I made my first ever attempt at Green Chili this week. However the Hatch chili’s i got were not. hot. at. all. I totally got jipped! However I went back and added some jalapenos just to have SOME sort of heat to it. Not a lot, not like i like it at all. But it still had good flavor to it. At least I know how to make it now and i’ll try again till its perfect!

Note to self, do laundry soon!
I managed to start a load of dishes in the washer today so that made me feel like i accomplished something.

OMG So i came home this evening, turned the AC off, and opened the sliding glass door to let regular air in. About an hour and a half later I went to leave, opened the front door, and Kisa comes running INSIDE! Stupid me, Id opened the sliding door, but not pulled the screen door closed! So her monkey ass jumped off the patio again, from the 2nd floor, and was out wandering doing god knows what. At least she came back upstairs by herself! She’s never done that! I couldn’t even be mad at her cuz it was my fault LOL.

Just realized that since Monday is a holiday, my unemployment check will probably be pushed back until Wednesday, and that sucks. Considering Rent is due on Monday. I think I’ll send the check out on Saturday.. so they’ll get it Tuesday..not cash it till Weds?  Hopefully. My mom is gonna help me out since I had the ear issue come up.

Well I better get to bed, its midnight and i’m back at school tomorrow! 2 more days this week, then worky worky worky.


2 responses to “Hi, I’m still around!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Wow, you do lead a busy life don’t you?

    School (What do you want to be when you grow-up?)
    Work—I’m pretty sure Ulta would not hire me until *after* I’d spent a lot of money in their store and had a ‘professional’ help me use all of their products to their maximum potential. 😛
    Ear pain—I hope it’s gone and you are feeling a lot closer to 100% than to 87%.
    Monday—it’s tomorrow, I hope you enjoy your day off.

    • I’m going to be a vet tech! I’m trying to stay away from the high end products myself. But even so the cheap stuff adds up too! Normally I’m so tired I don’t even want to shop lol

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