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Wednesdays are for Meltdowns

on August 31, 2011

Which are those sharks that don’t have teeth and won’t hurt you?
That’s the kind of shark week i’m having, broke out like crazy over night, eating everything chocolate in sight, and then today having a complete emotional meltdown.

All week i’ve been looking forward to going to Pachanga tonight.  While driving today I realized my blinkers weren’t working. No tick tick tick sound when it should be blinking no lil green arrows. FAAAAAWK! UGH. So I googled what the problem would be, called the auto parts store and verified they had the piece to fix it. A little flasher switch thingymajiger.

While in the parking lot of the auto parts store I fucking lost it and started crying right there. I was pissed that I had to miss my class to deal with this, that something ELSE was breaking in the car, and I dunno what else I was upset about but I just had to let it all out!

Of course, I didnt have the correct tools to install the thingymajig, so had to buy a torque wrench or something because in order to reach it, you have to take the whole bottom part of the dash panel off and it’s behind the cigarette lighters. RAWR. After borrowing a ratchet from the neighbors we finally got it fixed and back to blinking. Seems like its blinking even louder and faster now. My poor car is falling apart.


Well I found out tonight that there is indeed now a Thursday night Pachanga class. So as long as there are no unexpected car issues then I should be able to attend tomorrow.

I’ve got work at 5:30am on Friday blah, but then I can go to Pachanga Saturday morning since I don’t work till that evening so that’ll work out well. May try to go to the Taste of Colorado this weekend. Im really in the mood for some fried pickles, berry kabobs, steak on a stick, funnel cake.. and whatever else i come across LOL

I think imma head to bed now so I can get this hellish day over with already! Tomorrow’s my school “friday” so that’ll be nice once it’s over.


4 responses to “Wednesdays are for Meltdowns

  1. crankypants says:

    ugh I just started shark week too but I haven’t had any meltdowns thank god! Good for you for fixing your own car!! Hope it holds up for a while!

  2. trishc1812 says:

    ohhh…..shark week. I LIKE it! I usually have a big zit or two just before shark week—-this time I have one big zit….my entire chin looks like one big zit, but it’s actually about six small ones in varying degrees of annoyance. I hate it. The skin’s either too dry and tight or too oily and oozy and the chin has BOTH of these at the same time. augh!

    Crying in parking lots. yup. btdt.
    I am impressed by your determination to make it to your exercise classes. I can’t even make myself put on work-out clothing. ***pats you on the back***
    Work at Ulta at 5:30 IN THE MORNING??? What kind of craziness is that??

    I hope this week is better than last.

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