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I Had a Full Weekend

on September 11, 2011

Ahhh I feel refreshed for once! I went to sleep at 7:30pm last night I had slightly fallen asleep on the couch for a few minutes which gave me an awful crink in my neck, once I woke up from that I went to my bed and slept till about 5am when I had a horribly shitty dream…. i couldnt sleep for about 45 mins after that but finally managed to sleep until 9am. I really needed it!

I was gonna go to Pachanga this morning but I kinda forgot, I was laying in bed and it was 9:08.. and there was no way I’d make it to class by 9:30, so, oh well lol.

Friday night i went out with some girls from Pachanga to Opal, a sushi lounge, for a Salsa lesson and dancing. It was fun! I wore the LBD i bought a while back at JCP, its been hanging in my closet dying to be worn! It’s interesting to learn from a different teacher. We knew the basic steps from pachanga class but still. However, after the lesson I spent most of the time standing against the wall with my friends or sitting in the chairs with my drink. It felt like a middle school dance all over again, the losers just sitting together. Kristi and Melissa both got asked to dance multiple times but i’m sure its because theyve been there before, the people there know them, and know they can dance well? I dunno. Whatever. It was still a nice night out with the girls. I headed home around 11:30 though because I was exhausted after being up since 4:30 am, working, running lots of errands and what not.

Something weird happened Saturday morning, I set my alarm for 7 am. It went off, I hit snooze 2 times (= 10 mins total) I got up, went to pee, came back to my room and got dressed for work, brushed my hair and walked out the front door. As i’m doing so, I look at my phone and the clock says 8:40am. ummmmmm WHAT? no. it should only be 7:40! so I turn around, go back inside, and all the clocks inside say 8:40 as well. HOW THE HELL DID I JUST LOSE AN HOUR OF TIME??? So i call work and say i’m running late, obv, i was supposed to be there at 8, and that i’m on my way there now. They were fine, no issue with it, I dunno if they even realized I wasn’t there. You think they’d call or something right? LoL Whatevs. I only had to work 3 hours but it felt like an eternity. I wasn’t hung over or exhausted or anything. I just wanna know where that 1 hour of time went, i’m very confused. Did i stroke out or something?!


After work I got my hair done by one of the salon girls, I had them do the Glaze they told me about last time and It came out SUPER cute. It’s very dark, almost chocolatey but when i wear a black shirt my hair almost looks black! She put some red filler in first to even out my hair colors and then the brown over it. So theres different facets to it in the light.


Yesterday I picked up a makeup organizer at Target, i’d seen a similar one at my work, but it was a lot more expensive, same brand and all. But it looks really good, better than what I had in the bathroom for my makeup, and I was able to go through and purge a lot of stuff I dont use anymore or don’t like that much. So it was a good investment!

I’ve got lots I WANT to get done today and there should be no reason I can’t since I got like 14 hours of sleep last night. No naps today!

  • Clean the Bunnies & Kitties areas
  • Clean off coffee table
  • Buy a newspaper and organize coupons
  • Find Bath & Body works coupon and go to the store
  • Change sheets on the bed
  • Get some studying done
  • and i’m sure theres some other crap I can do.

3 responses to “I Had a Full Weekend

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Sounds like a full but fun weekend. I have no idea how you lost an hour. I was thinking maybe it had something to do with time changes but we aren’t near that time of year. Hmmm…dunno. Love your new hair color and the make-up organizer. Both money well spent. 😀

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