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I can’t think of a title

on September 25, 2011

This show Awkward on MTV is pretty cute. I don’t like most of their shows these days, but this one has sucked me in, and of course the train wreck that is Teen Mom.

I’ve caught up on all the new shows that have started and were on my DVR, last nights SNL with Alec Baldwin was good, but nothing will ever compare to the Schweddy Balls skit  and the one with Adam Sandler where he’s the troop leader.

I’m extremely sore today I went to pachanga yesterday and this morning I’m not sure why i’m so sore, but thats the only reason for it. Looks like i’ll hopefully start teaching Friday nights at 6pm in October.

School has been kicking my butt lately and not in the good way. I’m still finding it hard to keep track of when things are due etc. We got our a&p chemistry type test back last week and apparently EVERYONE did shitty on it. so no one feels that bad about it. now he’s sent us some more chem/math homework online and i still don’t fucking get it. seriously, lets move on, no one likes this shit.

Ellie’s feeling better since her Vet visit last week. Thankfully her meds kicked in fast and she was back to pooping normally in about 24 hours lol. I on the other hand had to go to the school health center downtown on Friday because i swore i was getting a UTI. It wasn’t to the painful stage yet, but just that omg i have to pee every 5 minutes stage. Which is just as annoying. Once i was there they said it wasn’t a UTI but there were white and red blood cells in my sample, so i may have just gotten in before it got all out of hand. It was only a $35 visit w00t, and $4 for the antibiotics. Not too shabby for not having any insurance!

It looks like my food stamps are not gonna be renewed though which sucks. I think its because now i’m getting unemployment and that should essentially be enough to feed me. That really sucks, have to amp up my couponing!

I finally got a lot of productive things done this weekend. Yesterday I cleaned the bunnies, cleaned off the coffee table, and vacuumed the whole living room. Also threw some laundry in. Today, I defrosted the freezer (again, i really need to call the mgmt), did some dishes, rearranged a cabinet that holds excess pots and pans because i’m still seeing occasional bugs. GRRRRR. I need to do another bug bomb, but in the mean time i’ve been spraying every crack and crevice like crazy.

Just dawned on me that I havent eaten dinner tonight, and its nearly 9pm now. I better eat something otherwise i’ll be starving in the morning. I don’t have to be to class till 10 am and its a lab, so I need to do some studying tonight.

OH so last week, I took Kisa to school with me for a handling/restraint lab. Long story short, she had a total fucking melt down as soon as we started trying to handle her. She was pissed about the other cats there, she was pissed about the pug who sat behind me who wanted attention, and then she was pissed when the teacher used her as an example. She about ripped my face off, for reals. She ended up going back in her bag until we were done with class. She was still pissed later that night at home lol. The next morning though she was asleep next to me, so i assume she’s forgiven me.

Well i better go find something to eat, and then get to studying, here’s some pics from the last week (=

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One response to “I can’t think of a title

  1. Redscylla says:

    Yay for improved poopage and averted UTI. I cannot imagine what my cats would make of being taken out in public amid strangers and other animals. Face-rippingly angry probably.

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