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Here birdy birdy

on October 4, 2011

On Friday we had a class outing to “The Gabriel Foundation” which is a bird rescue/santuary out in the middle of nowhere outside of Denver.

It was a pretty cool place lots of beautiful birds, parrots, psittacines..

We had a tiny tour, and lots of listening to the founder ramble on with her powerpoints…

But what they do there is good, lots of rescues, relinquishments, and hoarders intakes.

I got to trim a Macaws nail with a dremel, and I also restrained a Hans Macaw. (He then bit my finger as I tried to hand him back) lol.

The vet and tech that worked there were more informative and interesting than the founder herself..

Oh, I also managed to lock my keys in my car while I was there. But Jess was nice enough to drive to bfe w/my spare key. That only cost me $20 instead of $100+ calling a locksmith. Good deal if u ask me lol.

They also had a few free roaming cats there who didn’t bother the birds at all!


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