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Tuesday?? WTF!

on October 11, 2011

Seriously when did Tuesdays become crappy!? Did they not get the memo that Mondays are the crappy days?!

This morning I didnt have to be at school till 11 so I took my sweet time waking up and getting ready and what not. I went to leave and the car wouldnt start. The battery acting up again. Usually I just pop the hood, jiggle it, and it starts right up no problem, but after about 10 mins of fighting with it, I realized I was not going to win this battle today.

I ran upstairs, got my bicycle and hightailed it to school. I had 15 mins to get there on time, well that didnt happen. I was only 10 mins late, but that was enough to miss the first bone quiz we had in a&p. It was only 10 points so it (hopefully) won’t make or break me, but at least I made it to lab and still got to dissect Bubba (our cat) some more.

I was also smart enough to bring all my books/binders with me today because we had another NAVTA meeting. I don’t think I ever mentioned, that I am the President of our Student Chapter of NAVTA. (National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America). Pretty awesome eh? LoL. Anyways, we’re putting together a Pet Halloween Costume Contest and Bake sale for 10/31 & 11/1. Hopefully it goes smoothly. I was able to get some Bagel donations from Einstein’s Bagels YUM, and some Organic Doggie cookies and a Human T-shirt from a small pet boutique near the school. I’m also going to go to Petco this week and see if they’d like to donate anything. Another member works for Banfield at Petsmart and shes asking them if they would be able to donate.

This week is also Vet Tech appreciation week, so today and Wednesday the school provided us with lunch, Chinese food yum!, and some snazzy cups!

After school today I slowly rode my bike home, man my legs were burning! Once I got here, I went to the car, popped the hood, and threatened the battery. I jostled it around a lot, then went to start it (crossing my fingers) and it started up!!! Not without hesitation of course, but I WON and thats all that matters. I took it to AutoZone had the guy test it, and it came up “Bad Battery”. RAWR! I already had it replaced once! I asked him if there was an issue with these batteries if anyone else had the same problems and he said no it was one of their top sellers. (whether thats true or not I dunno, but i’ll believe him) He replaced the battery for me, and even did it for FREEZIES! I was a few months past the free replacement period but he was nice enough to let it slide. Saved me $70! So I’m going to submit a customer compliment to AutoZone for him cuz he was awesome. Actually every store has been awesome whenever I’ve had a problem they’ve been able to help me!

Tonight I’ve got some laundry to catch up on, DWTS results show, and studying to do for Thursdays A&P test on bones & joints. Oh and 2 issues of Glamour to read that I got in the mail today!

(Oh, I may have filled out the adoption application for Ellie #2)

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