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Frickin Friday!

on November 11, 2011

Totally doesn’t feel like a Friday to me, I always get discombobulated because I get up so early for work and then the day seems to drag on forever so it feels like more than just one day.

Our delivery truck was an hour late showing up this morning, so that set us way behind. While we waited I was putting out new perfume/cologne testers and one slipped out of its box, shattered on the tile floor and i was covered in Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue for men. That was awesome. |=

When I got off work I didnt get to leave because I booked another hair glaze appointment right after. So that was another hour sitting around. But it came out good, I love the shine I get from it.

After that I came home and took a nap with the dogs, I was exhausted. I had to get up at 4:20 though cuz I had a nail appointment set at 5, which I was a few minutes late for because of traffic, and because Abbie didn’t poop on our walk and was taking forever to not do anything!

This week we set up our “Giving Tree” at school, I made the poster, another girl brought the tree and we made paper “ornaments” with the wish list items on them. Hopefully we get a decent amount of items donated for these organizations.

I went through my grades online tonight and it seems I’m pulling 4 b’s and 1 C, currently. Not too shabby. I’ve got a few more assignments, tests, and finals to hopefully pull them up a lil more. We get the whole week of thanksgiving off so that will be spent studying (and sleeping in).

Hmm just realized I havent eaten dinner and now my stomach is hungry. I should find something to eat so I dont wake up starving tomorrow. I’ve gotta work 8-12 unpacking more boxes, ah shit i need to do laundry tonight so I have something to wear tomorrow.

CrankyPants when is this de-cluttering weekend again? Or is it multiple days… I’m sure i’ll need multiple days LOL.

This weekend, aside from working, will be spent catching up on the DVR, lots of shows we need to watch and some Crazy, Stupid Love. I bought it the other night, already watched it once, its a great movie. Love me some Ryan Gosling! I’ve also gotta figure out somewhere else to put the cat food because i’m 95% sure that Abbie is stealing it when I’m not home.

The 2nd cruise payment is due at the end of this month, i’ve got $225 saved up so far for it ($500) so I’ve gotta get my finances in order w/i the next 2 paychecks/unemployment checks. I’ve gotta pay my part of the cell bill next week as well as get caught up on Comcast.


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