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Get’er Done Saturday!

on November 19, 2011

Its de-un-cluttering day woohoo!

I got a good 11 hours of sleep last night, yes I went to bed at 7pm on a Friday, but granted i’d been up since 4:30 am so its all good.

This morning i got up and went to Pachanga, had a good work out, I almost stayed for the 2nd class, but decided not to *shrugs*

Stopped by Petco on the way home to get some bunny food, im pissed that no one carries the kind i’ve bought for years. So now i have to get smaller bags that cost more w.t.f.

Just got out of the shower so I need a quick snack and then on to cleaning! Gotta work on the living room, bedroom (pile of clean laundry), wash some dirty laundry, and maybe take the girls to the park later if I have time.

Stopped by work on my way home too and they have me scheduled to work TUESDAY 5:30am for a shipment, normally its friday. Thanks for even ASKING if I could. What if I was still in school this week eh?! I’m not, but thats besides the point ya know. Luckily though I DONT work on black friday! w000000h0000! that means I can go shopping! (if my mom sends money like she said she would). I need to check the ad’s cuz I want a new bigger tv (=

I’ve still gotta figure out how to come up with the remaining $300 for my cruise payment this month. Hmph.

K i’m gonna upload the pics from yesterday and then on to cleaning!


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