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Lions Tigers Bears! Oh My!

on November 19, 2011

There were also some ocelots, an emu, wolves and a camel, but i didnt get pics of all of them.

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2 responses to “Lions Tigers Bears! Oh My!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    What a beautiful set of pictures of a bunch of beautiful cats.

    Some favorites:
    picture#15 the tiger face with just that littlest teeny tiny bit of tongue poking out.
    all of the soaking up the sun pictures and especially the big cat tummies.
    picture#41 proving that even the big majestic cats take care to groom themselves.
    I have always loved white tigers and have not even seen one in person
    Oh…that black panther–so sleek, so muscular, so beautiful.

    My in-laws live about two miles from the Tupelo Buffalo Park ( we can hear the lions roar…it’s kind of cool. Their herd of buffalo is big and they *had* a rare white buffalo. Tukota died yesterday from injuries received in a fight. The Park used to let people feed the giraffes. That was so very cool! Giraffes tongues are very long and are sand-papery on the top (similar to cat tongues but there is a LOT more roughness) the bottoms of their tongues are slick and extremely slobbering. As much as I love to feel the sand-papery part the slobbery part is just disgusting.

    One time Jordan and I were at the Buffalo Park and I wanted to take a picture of him with an ostrich in the back ground. Jordan did not want to turn his back on the ostrich (Jordan was intimidated by how BIG that bird was). I told Jordan ‘that bird can’t hurt you’. So, Jordan turned his back to the ostrich to ‘smile’ for the picture. About that time the ostrich reached through the fence and pecked Jordan on the elbow. It’s been quite awhile since that happened and Jordan reminds me quite often how I ‘let’ that bird ‘bite’ him. Poor kid. 🙂

  2. Thanks! they were good (but lazy) subjects!
    The panther was the hardest to get a picture of, he was so fast and disappeared somewhere that we couldnt figure out! haha

    I’d love to feed a giraffe! Apparently theres a zoo in Colorado Springs that allows you to feed certain animals, so I need to head down there sometime.

    Thats soooo funny about “that bird”! Poor kid!

    Our regular zoo here in denver just got a new male elephant because theyre opening a new “asian tropics” extension to the zoo in the next year, but sadly one of the black rhino’s died last week, he was very old though.

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