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Not the C word again..

on November 26, 2011

If someone asked if anyone had something to borrow, would you then suggest a service they could use to pay for it?

……………. no. right?

Because if their intent was to borrow it, they wouldn’t plan on paying for it. Hence the “borrowing”.

I posted on facebook asking if anyone had fun xbox 360 games i could borrow, since our system didnt come with any. Chantelle replied “gamefly”. I said that costs money, which is why I said BORROW. Her reply: “always such a cunt”.


The last time she used that word towards me, we didn’t talk for a year.

I politely asked her yesterday if it would be an issue to switch off our family plan sprint account because we ordered 2 new phones through Amazon. She said it was fine.

After the aforementioned facebook convo she immediately texts me asking about me getting off the account. *rolls eyes*. So I explain to her TWICE that I have to wait until the phone comes in, in order to transfer anything, and its back ordered a week.

Just because you hate YOUR life and the situation you put yourself in doesn’t mean you have to take it out on other people. I’m sorry you’re family situation sucks but you chose that path and you have to deal with it. I could really give a shit less if she ever moves back to Denver. She’s really such a pain in my ass these days anyways. So dramatic. So hung up on her ex still. If you want him back that badly, then do something about it or move the fuck on. It’s been like 3 years. Its not like he was that much of a winner.

Hey I got back the guy I wanted after 4 years. It happens.

Anyways, moving on.

Work was pretty easy this morning, was thankful there was no shipment it was basically just restocking. I got a LOT done by myself. Sometimes it’s easier that way. I even organized our overstock carts. Will they stay that way? Doubtful. But they look nice for now. I also snagged a few things to put on hold because we’re having our employee appreciation extra discount 12/1-3rd. Just a lil bit extra off of things but it all helps!

I made my 2nd Cruise installment payment today. Eeeek. Now i’m REALLY broke. I’m hoping, that when I send in my request for unemployment money tomorrow that I get some. I know I only have a balance of $47 left and well that just wont cut it. From what I’ve read online, it says those on the Federal Emergency Unemployment automatically get rolled over to tier 2 once their first tier runs out. Anyone have any experience with that? *crossing fingers* For the 2nd time, I turned in an updated availability schedule for work once i’m done with school. So hopefully they give me some more hours and I can make some moola.

I’ve finally run out of the addl funds left over from my school loans, and won’t get more until probably the middle of February. That is major suckage!

Dunno why but my boobs have been hurting like crazy the last few days.

Stopped by Macy’s today and picked up a new down alternative comforter for $39.99 (originally $120). Also came with 2 free standard size pillows. Which were valued at $30 themselves. Not too shabby. So now I’ve got 4 new pillows. I need to find my duvet cover, no idea where it is.. maybe in a closet somewhere, but probably needs to be washed.

Tomorrow is going to be STUDY SUNDAY!! Since I’ve been so busy all week I haven’t gotten a chance to study AT.ALL. ugh. In the am i may try and get to pachanga class but after that my nose is in the books!

Well I better get off my butt and go do something, it’s freezing in here and the heater is taking forever.


3 responses to “Not the C word again..

  1. trishc1812 says:

    I have to ask: who is Chantelle? She does sound like she is miserable and hoping to rub some of that off onto other people. eh, I guess my response, for some reason, depends on if she is a friend or a family member.

    Boobs: There are times when my boobs just ache and it is more comfortable wearing a supportive bra than going w/o. These times are just before I start my period and in the first few early weeks of pregnancy. 🙂

    heh, when I worked at Walmart a gazillion years ago (okay more like 15-25 years ago as i worked there for right at 10 years) It was frowned upon if someone stashed an item to buy later (like on their break or after they were done for the day). I would grab a buggy and throw anything that I wanted that was on sale into the buggy and I’d leave the buggy hanging out in my department. The merchandise was there for anyone to pick up and I just relied on the ‘niceness’ of the shoppers to leave someone’s shopping cart alone. It was great and I always got the items I wanted. But now I hear if someone does something like that they lose their job. Good thing I’m not there anymore.

    I hope you have warmed up and your studies go well.

    • She’s my “best friend” at times. Like I said there was a year there when we didn’t talk at all. I know she’s miserable in kansas city with her family and she’s hoping to move back here next year. I just don’t care for her drama and whining anymore. If u don’t like something, then change it ya know!

      And no, no pregnancy here!

  2. xmangerm says:

    “and in the first few early weeks of pregnancy” interesting.

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